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Around Turlock – April 20

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com|

There was an unusual sight at Turlock’s Target on Easter Sunday… an empty parking lot.

Target was one of many businesses closed on Easter Sunday. In fact, much of Monte Vista Crossings was closed to celebrate the holiday.

Some post-church lunchgoers had to change plans with Las Casuelas closed on Sunday, and anyone looking to do some retail shopping was certainly disappointed.

But fear not: The businesses are now back to their regular hours.

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  1. Beverly Spielman says:

    Very happy to hear some businesses are taking care of their emotes for holidays.
    Now if we can get back to no stores open on Christmas or thanksgiving.

  2. Sandie Sing says:

    I think it is wonderful to see an empty parking lot. It shows Turlock merchants believe in giving their workers time to be with their families. Families are important in Turlock.

  3. Fox News says:

    TCN is becoming Fox News. Guns, republican sellout paid for “stories” and self righteous crime articles all the time. Not everyone is religious and brainwashed and needed Target to be open. But of course this website is locally owned by a Chriatian who promoted this and Easter traditions. This blog is a joke for a newspaper and Turlock.

  4. Rita says:

    What’s wrong with Fox News? Better then CNN (Communist News Network)

  5. Ben Dover says:

    Aye Mr/Ms/Other. Fox News,

    “Not everyone is religious and brainwashed and needed Target to be open.” -hmmmm

    Were you trying to say that some people “needed” Target open? Really? They “needed” it open, I highly doubt someone literally “needed” that store open.

    Also why do you have to be brainwashed to be religious? Sounds like (to you at least), Republicans all love guns and are religious. So would that make all Dems Atheists and against guns? You should probably refrain from such general stereotypes. Or continue feeding into them and just making the situation worse.

    “Unit we stand, divided we fall” Stop the divide Sir/Ma’am/Other

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