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Around Turlock – April 24


As Downtown Turlock continues its renaissance with new boutiques, bars, and shops, one element keeps some Turlockers away from downtown – the homeless population.

One TurlockCityNews.com reader was shocked to spot this “cardboard condo” in the downtown alley between the Vintage Market and Studio 2307 on the 200 block of East Main Street. Lots of cardboard boxes, some trash, and even some children’s toys were littered there.

Do you think our community is addressing the homeless issues we have in our city well enough?

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  1. Nope says:

    Homeless shelters welcomed with open arms, but new business like hip and healthy food trucks getting the boot. Are people really surprised to see something like this when the city of Turlock subsidizes it?

  2. status quo says:

    Sorry, not surprised. The Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association should be ashamed of themselves. They have more direct access to what gives on down there than almost any group, organization or city agency. It’s their job to maintain the area and work withe city and law enforcement to resolve these issues, not let them spin out of control. This is why there is graffiti, homeless and tweakers hanging out at Jack in the Box–(so let’s put in a McDonalds two blocks away but SQUASH THE FOOD TRUCKS) and a general safety issue in OUR historic downtown. You want change? Boycott the Downtown Association, the stores and all their phony downtown events that they hate putting on and let it become the homeless haven it already is. You haven’t lived til you’ve seen one of the many homeless using a bench or that breezeway in the photo as their personal toilet!

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