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Around Turlock, it is common to see some cars parked across multiple spots. This is especially the case in parking lots with tighter spaces, such as those in Monte Vista Crossings.

Some of these parking jobs can attributed to large vehicles that can’t fit in a tight spot, poor parking skills, or perhaps the driver may simply want to give their brand new car a little room to prevent door dings.

However, one driver took this to another level when he or she parked across three spots at Walnut Elementary School. Walnut Elementary School already has a notoriously bad reputation for traffic during pick-up times.

An officer of the Turlock Police Department Traffic Unit was seen writing up what appears to be a citation. What do readers believe should be done to drivers parking in multiple spots?

This Around Turlock photo was submitted by Andy Cardenas.

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  1. Carlos says:
    Well this would be the ideal outcome:getting a parking ticket. But being that there's almost zero consequences for doing it I'm for some type of shaming that would dissuade future offenders. How about we forward the pictures and TCN dedicates a daily tweet or feature to shaming these guys?
  2. Dominic Johndon says:
    Idiots deserve to pay fines.
  3. brandon says:
    I think nothing should happen to the owner of the vehicle... maybe a little too much policing of turlock. If you get into a collision in a parking lot and you call TPD they tell you sorry nothing we can do unless there is an injury. They won't even come out to take a police report. The traffic cops are a little to ticket happy
  4. Billy says:
    I agree with Brandon, if they don't come out to a non injury car accident in a parking lot why do they give out parking citations on private property? Public school could be different though?
  5. Dave says:
    I think that this person paid a lot of money for this very nice vehicle and they didn’t want it to get hurt. The parking spaces are very small and try to fit that in a spot, you’ll see how tight it is.
    Also, I can only image that the parents and kids wouldn’t think twice if they open there door into it. I give this person two thumbs up!!!
  6. Public vs private says:
    Public school (funded by tax dollars) is a public parking lot. A privately owned business (not funded by tax dollars) is a private parking lot.
  7. Ridiculousness says:
    No need to park like an Ahole!!!
  8. another self-entitled a**hat says:
    Sorry, I think this is just another example of how selfish people have become. My car/time/property/kids, etc are more important than yours, or, "The rules don't apply to me." Seriously? Grow up, park your piece of junk in a stall like everyone else and teach your kids how to have respect and consideration for those around them, not "ME FIRST".

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