Pacheco Family Retains Santa Monica Law Firm to Investigate Death


The family of Brandon Pacheco, a 25-year-old man who was shot and killed more than nine months ago by Turlock homeowner Robin Boyer, has retained the legal services of The Law Offices of Arthur G. Lesmez, P.C., a Santa Monica firm specializing in wrongful death, serious injury and medical malpractice since 1996.

Brandon’s older sister, Shannon Pacheco, 34, speaking on behalf of the Pacheco family, issued the following statement:

“Our family wants truth and justice for my little brother. He was a human being with a loving heart and, despite his problems, he never wavered in his close relationship with all of us in his family.”

Shannon Pacheco verified her brother’s body for authorities. She has states that her brother was shot in the back of the head as he was running away from Boyer’s property.

Boyer, who was never arrested by Turlock police, has yet to be charged with any criminal conduct.

The Pacheco’s lawyer, Arthur Lesmez, commented on his firm’s current role in the case.

“The message here is that we are involved,” Lesmez said. “We have a deceased young man and he was shot by another man. We are investigating to protect his family’s rights and to ultimately find out what happened that fateful day. We are in search of the truth.”


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