Cunningham Elementary Reaches Top 100 Schools In Pizza Hut Book It Program

Jonathan McCorkell/|

Stacy Oldfield, a fourth-grade teacher at Cunningham Elementary School in Turlock understands the importance of reading. Through the accelerated reading program, Oldfield’s class read nearly 168,000 minutes this year to crack the top 100 reading classes in the entire country through Pizza Hut’s “Book It” Program.

Her students will be awarded with a free class pizza party and a “Top 100 Award.” Many of her students were elated to learn of their distinction and reading prowess.

Top readers include Jairo Soto, 15,435 minutes, Ben Watson, 12,250 minutes, Daniel Arteaga, 11,900 minutes and CiHali Vazquez, 10,445 minutes.

“I’m very proud of my kids and it is nice to be recognized. This is a great program and it reinforces the importance of reading for the kids. When they read more they gain more knowledge. confidence and they retain more vocabulary,” said Oldfield.

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