Covenant Village Pays Tribute to Those Who Have Served

Brandon McMillan/

With Memorial Day approaching Monday, residents of Covenant Village of Turlock saw a different start to their weekly chapel service Thursday, as they honored those who have served in the military.

Six Covenant Village residents, dressed in red, white, and blue, lined the stage to share some words that had been written by veterans.

The Memorial Day service opened with the singing of “God Bless America” by all of the residents in attendance. The audience’s voices passionately rang through Berg Hall.

The six residents who spoke, Anne Alhem, Don Jackson, Will Marshall, Betty Barr, Bob Anderson, and Dottie Buchanan, read the words written by veterans of all branches of the military.

The residents read of triumph and struggles within the veterans’ time in their respective branch of the military, each taking pride in their time served.

While all took pride in their time serving their country, Alhem read the words of one veteran who said they would not wish the experience of serving on anyone else. The other veterans all said that they would proudly serve their country, even now, if they were called.

The program ended with a prayer from Wes Olsen, who narrated the service.

“Those who are serving today, may they not be called into danger’s path,” said Olsen.

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