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Turlock City News

Around Turlock – May 27

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

One Turlocker decided to have a field day in the storm basin at the corner of Crowell Road and Gettysburg Street.

The storm basin, which is connected to Rotary International Park, formerly Gettysburg Park, is often used for baseball or soccer practice.

Practice may be cancelled this week, as most of the field is dug-up from someone allegedly doing donuts.

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  1. ugh says:

    And this is news? Lame.

  2. @ugh says:

    The “Around Turlock” portion of Turlock City News isn’t always “news” news, it’s what the viewers of the site find around Turlock and think is interesting enough to share.

    Plus, I’d prefer this news over something tragic any day, right? Wish this was extreme as it got haha.

  3. Sharon peters says:

    That looks like fun to me. Couple of cowboys with me and my 4X4 truck and a beer. Do some doughnuts and then park under the tree and then live up to my name.

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