Election Day Off to Slow Start

Kailey Fiscaro/TurlockCityNews.com

Election Day is proving to be slow-moving for Turlock voters today, according to workers at the Cornerstone Covenant Church polling place.

Pollworkers agreed it had been a "boring" day, with just over 60 ballots turned in at the church on the corner of Crowell Road at Christoffersen Parkway as of approximately 1:30 p.m.

But Steve Ferguson, local voter, said voting was important because of the veterans who have died for our rights. To Ferguson and his wife Jeanette, voting is a privilege we have in thanks to our veterans, so it is important that we treasure that privilege.

As of this afternoon, 26 ballots had been processed at Turlock's Cornerstone Covenant Church, and 35 provisional or absentee ballots were dropped off. Polls close at 8 p.m., and initial results should be available on TurlockCityNews.com shortly thereafter.

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  1. Shame on Bublak's $$/supporters says:

    What a great day! It seems anyone with common sense figured out Bubalk is a “partisan political climber” arrogantly thinking she can run for “any” office AND she loses. Shame on Curt Andre, Matt Swanson, Rob Santos (up for re-election), Michael Frantz, (up for re-election) Gary Sosieth (who cares what he thinks) and anyone else who thinks Bublak is smart enough to be an assessor. If she is so successful WHY is she still a police office and not even a Sgt. after 20 years!

  2. Mike Brem is running for MAYOR says:

    Of course this back-a$$ website misses the biggest story of the year…Mike Brem is running for Mayor, someone with years of business experience, who ran a multi-million dollar ag company, the Chair of the city’s Planning Commission..how about all around GREAT guy! Where’s Andre now? My vote is for Brem

  3. Dumbass says:

    Hey dumbass maybe this website wanted to get a story instead of just announcing that papers were filed. That doesn’t mean that he is running. Here’s the real story not the Journal or Bee crap reporting. http://turlockcitynews.com/index.php/news/item/2623-mike-brem-enters-turlock-mayor-race

  4. A says:

    C’mon Mary, are you still jealous of Amy Bublak and her success? Your hatred is just eating you up from the inside out. Too bad, because Uncle Burtch would not approve.

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