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Two Milk Powder Processing Facilities Headed to Turlock

Courtesy of Blue Diamond

It’s official: two milk powder processing facilities will be the newest addition to the Turlock Regional Industrial Park.

The milk powder processors are the two “large” food processing factories previously confirmed by Turlock Assistant to the City Manager for Housing and Economic Development Maryn Pitt in May, she said Tuesday.

Both projects tie in to the food processing-centric Turlock Regional Industrial Park, which looks to draw agriculture-based businesses and jobs to Turlock.

“It’s all starting to come together as the economy turns,” Pitt said.

Both projects have started the entitlement process, Pitt said. She said she could not reveal the identities of the businesses at this time.

The projects have been previously described as “large.”

Hilmar Cheese Company announced in January that it will open a milk powder processing facility in Turlock. That facility will add 40 jobs and produce a “variety” of milk powders intended to provide nutrition in developing nations.

The company said Turlock’s shovel-ready land and proximity to the Port of Oakland made the Turlock Regional Industrial Park a prime location.

The two new projects will come in addition to the Hilmar Cheese Company facility, Pitt said.

One “dairy processing, packaging, and distribution plant,” containing a 116,287 square-foot building, 70-foot tall silo tanks, and 135-foot tall drying towers is currently being planned for 4407 W. No doubt this building will be full of different machines all involved in food processing, from filling machines, to wrapping machines, to industrial printers like the Leibinger’s JET One. You can learn more about Leibinger on Food Processing by visiting www.foodprocessing.com.au.

Main St. It remains unclear which company is behind that development, which is still under review by the City of Turlock.

The 2,600-acre Turlock Regional Industrial Park is located on Turlock’s west side. Its shovel-ready land, with infrastructure pre-built by the City of Turlock at more than $8 million in cost, has attracted Blue Diamond Growers, U.S. Cold Storage, and Sensient Foods. 

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