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Denham Takes Stand Against Human Trafficking


U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) took a stand against human trafficking on May 20 wherein he voted on a series of new prevention and law enforcement measures.

This is one of five bills Denham supported that will both assist law enforcement agencies and strengthen protection for children.

“As a father, I can’t imagine anything more horrible than what the parents of these exploited children go through,” said Denham. “Human trafficking unfortunately remains a widespread and tragic occurrence across the Central Valley. Reports show that our state is one of the nation’s top four destinations for trafficked beings. The bills I supported today will help to eliminate this practice and keep our children safe.”

The bills Denham voted on will aim to provide law enforcement with means to better track down this practice, even as it advances into technological means such as the internet. The bills will also encourage states to assist victim recovery and increased access to protective services.

They will also require states to identify victims of sex trafficking among foster care youth and ensure that the destination is informed when a known sex trafficker is travelling to their county. In addition, it will be made a federal crime to knowingly advertise for commercial sex exploitation.

“We can all agree that even one child suffering from this heinous practice is one too many,” said Rep. Denham.


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