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Missing: 16-Year-Old Modesto Girl

Photo Courtesy of Central Valley TV

A Modesto teen has been reported missing since early yesterday morning, according to information from Central Valley TV.

The girl, named Jeannette, was reported missing at 6 a.m. Wednesday. Friends and family have been looking for the missing teen, who is 16 years old. Central Valley TV has shared information about the missing teen online, where local citizens have been sharing the information along with her photo and words of hope.

Modesto Police Department is not providing any releases on the teen because she is not considered “at risk” according to Modesto Police Department spokesperson Heather Graves.

If you have any information about Jeannette’s whereabouts, please contact the Modesto Police Department at 209-572-9500.

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  1. Mona Canady says:

    This is Jeanette’s Mom. She has been missing for a week. She is in danger because nobody knows where she is. Please continue to repost her info and contact the modesto poklice department at 209/572/9500.

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