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Brett Nichols to Hopefully Perform at Future Turlock Farmers Night Market

Courtesy of The Official Facebook Page of Brett Nichols

Brett Nichols, the Pitman High School student whose Michael Jackson dance impression went viral, will hopefully soon be performing at one of the Turlock Farmers Market nights, just not this week, according to mother Donna Nichols.

Although Turlock Farmers Market had briefly announced on its Facebook Page that Brett Nichols would be dancing this week, the post was quickly taken down in lieu of confirmation.

Brett Nichols will not be performing though; at least not this week. Donna Nichols explained that Brett Nichols is still very busy, and expressed the hectic – albeit exciting – situation.

Donna did say that they are hoping to set up a night market date for Brett Nichols to perform soon though.

As the Farmers Market phrased it, Brett Nichols has recently been “putting Turlock on the map!”

If you have not seen the buzz, check out our original article about the sensation Nichols caused with his dance performance of “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson at Pitman High School’s talent show in late May. The video of his original performance for may also be seen at the same article link.

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