Construction on Swanson-Centennial Dog Park to Begin Next Week

Erik Schulze, Turlock Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Supervisor for the City of Turlock gave an update on the construction of the Swanson-Centennial Park at Wednesday’s Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission meeting.

Construction on Turlock’s second dog park is expected to begin next week, with hopes of completion in early July.

The Swanson-Centennial Dog Park, which was approved in December 2013, is located at the northwest quadrant of Countryside Drive and Tuolumne Road.

United Paving Maintenance of Hughson will build the park on a 20-day contract. If construction goes as planned, the park will be completed within the 20 days, said Schulze.

Bids for construction of the park originally came back higher than expected, so the Swanson family is donating a further $19,000 to construct the dog park. The family previously donated $35,000 with the stipulation that the Centennial Park name be changed to include the Swanson family name.

The City of Turlock will pay the remaining $12,256 of the $66,256 park.

There will be no playground construction at this time, but Schulze confirmed that a playground is in the park plan.

A grand opening and ribbon cutting will be announced upon completion of the dog park.

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  1. Yay!! says:
    Yay! We need another dog park and on the other side of town!!
  2. Name Change? says:
    Is the name changing for the whole park or just the dog park?
  3. What about the kids says:
    That's nice there's a dog park being built but what about the kids?? The city has enough money for dogs and not our children?

    This is what's wrong with our city council.
  4. Dog tax says:
    The city codicil members are spending $20,000 to have us vote to pay more taxes to fix streets.

    We are really paying more taxes so they can help a rich man build more off parks.

    Ever heard of Eric Cantor? Get these leaders out.

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