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Around Turlock – June 14


Turlockers know that a trip to Costco means picking up what they need in bulk.

One driver took the bulk outside the store when they grabbed a two-for-one parking spot.

Occasionally truck drivers in Turlock will take a little extra room because they can’t quite squeeze into the small spots many shopping centers have. This park-job may have been to avoid a few door dings.

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  1. Guest says:

    This is one of those “special” people. They deserve more of everything. They take what they want and to hell with everyone else.

    The Costco spaces are ample, and those overly concerned about dings, (or towing or driving oversized vehicles) in any lot, should simply park out where it is less congested and walk a few more steps. People who park like this are rude, sefish, and proud of it.

  2. George says:

    You guys are all ignorant and obviously don’t drive trucks. The concern normally isn’t dings or the width of the spot. It’s the length. We have a F250 crew cab long bed and if we park in one spot at Costco the back end sticks out WAY too far! People would get pissed if I did that too so there is no way to please all of you. They make compact spots for little cars. Why don’t they make long spots then. I shouldn’t have to park farther just because my truck I use for my living is too big. We are all equal here.

  3. Jolamilove says:

    @George. Douches of a feather flock together. I towed a rig for years doing drywall. If the spots aren’t designed for your ride park somewhere else.

  4. T says:

    Same raised trucks that think they have to drive with their fog lights on in the summer….. SELF CENTERED LOOSERS.

  5. George says:

    Hi again everyone! I see some rejection to my comment. I am glad to see this. I wrote that to see if the reaction I would get would be what I thought and it was. I in fact don’t have a big truck…my brother and father do so I have had a special interest in this topic. I have also lived in Idaho for quite some time and since moving here I have taking a special interest in studying peoples behaviors and actions from my beloved hometown of Turlock. I have come to find that most people in that so called great town I grew up in are hardheaded, rude and not willing to see the whole picture. It is full of people who want to pass a new law at anything that makes them upset, such as this whole parking in two spots issues. And when someone comments on it they are called as ass, a jerk, a douche, etc. All unkind things that really get you nowhere. I have been following this parking issue for sometime and it is always the same, a nice lifted truck on 20’s with matching painted bumpers and blackout windows. No one takes pictures of farmer john’s 1995 ford parked in two spots because that generally doesn’t bother people, but now someone will post a picture just to prove me wrong which really only proves your defensive personality and your inherent want to be right. Someone will say park in spots made for you…well there aren’t any. Most people stereotype people and just become angry because they don’t like those type of people. There is never going to be a right answer for every person about these parking issues. Don’t assume. We don’t even know if this picture was actually farther back in the parking lot since all of Costco is packed on the weekends. I am glad to say I now live in a city of people who respectful, and don’t judge and don’t assume the worst right away. Parking is never a problem when someone parks in two spots here. You just move to the next one. I think its funny when someone says they should park far off and walk. Well why can’t they do that too? I do in my little tiny Honda civic because walking is good for you. Someone is mad that they can’t be lazy and park closer because someone took two spots. Well let that person be lazy and move on. You’ll live, I promise but don’t go trying to get people towed and tickets over it. Maybe we don’t care here because it SNOWS! So there really isn’t any parkings spots per say. You just park and it works perfectly fine and this concept gets carried over to summer. If there is no lines then I guess there are not angry people. Anyways I guess I am just disappointed in what I see in the people of Turlock. I have been studying you and your focus has lost the love and want to care for all residents like it used to be. It has become factions now of stereotypes from the rednecks, to the douches with the lifted trucks, to the mexicans with the bagged trucks and loud bands at Donnelly Park on sunday, to the rich people across town, to the poor on the west side. No one cares for anyones outside their so called “realm or group” now and it just has created hatred and a non welcoming environment. I will get scorn for this. Someone will scour this post for everything from spelling and grammar to something that may not be politically correct just so they can argue with it. Hey thats ok. I be there are thousand of things wrong with this post, especially since I wrote it at 3AM. No one wants to hear bad things, and most people will not appreciate this. The truth hurts, and when your living in it you don’t see the things around you as much. That is why I have taken time to observe the actions of the people of Turlock from afar and it is shocking. Anyways, have a great day you all. Take care and goodnight.

  6. Kate S. says:

    Hey George you should write more on stereotyped people groups of turlock. Your a very good writer, especially if you were able to write all that at 3 am!! Finally, starting to get some good writers on this website.

  7. Ben Dover says:

    You lost me at “QQ”

    At least this was a larger truck and not some “sports car.”

    But really, getting all worked up over this will shorten your lifespan.

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