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Local Couples’ Photos Wanted for “Christian Mingle” Movie, Release Set for October


Turlock’s first feature film is nearing release, and producers are looking for a little more help from the local community.

Star director Corbin Bernsen is seeking marriage proposal photos for the title sequence of “Christian Mingle: The Movie,” which was filmed in Turlock in December.

“In the title sequence of the film we need marriage proposal photographs to go with the credits,” Bernsen explained in a Facebook post. “Our lead character Gwyneth, played by Lacey Chabert wants nothing more than to find Mr. Right. What better way to demonstrate her dilemma than by showing a ton of happy couples, the guy on his knee asking the girl to marry him. She wants that!”

Bernsen says he needs photos of couple of all ages and ethnicities, though the majority of photos used will be of people in their 20s and 30s due to the film’s subject matter. A variety of proposal locations are needed, from beaches to mountaintops, restaurants, and sporting events.

Bernsen notes the photo doesn’t have to be of an actual marriage proposal. It can be a staged “proposal” with man on bended knee, or it can be something along the lines of “Will You Marry Me” spelled out in rocks or flower petals.

“Me thinks some pretty incredible photos are going to be coming back and make their way into the film… and for me, it's all good fun and another way for us to keep this personal,” Bernsen posted to Facebook. “In the end, at this moment in my life, this is really important. I want to keep making films that inspire and uplift. I believe the world needs it more than ever.”

Approximately 20 photos will be selected and used as part of the film. In addition to seeing their picture on the silver screen, those selected will receive a Bernsen signed copy of key artwork and a copy of the DVD. All involved with each photo will receive credit in the film, Bernsen said.

Bernsen said the movie will be released in theatres in October.

“We'll be showing you ways that you can bring it to your town or city, but more on that later,” he posted to Facebook.

To submit a photo, visit http://hometheaterfilms.com/cmcontestcb.

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