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The Jack In The Box on Geer Road recently put up a window advertisement that has caught the eye of Turlockers.

The advertisement asks,“Hella Hungry?” showing a large meal while using what many consider local slang for "very" or "a lot of," among other similar descriptors. The word probably isn't anything the average Turlocker hasn’t heard, and some may answer the advertisement with a “yes!” Others may find the advertisement a little more offensive.

What are your thoughts on the advertisement?

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  1. Peepa Jackingston says:

    This is a bit offensive. I didn’t fight in two wars to see hippy slang when I’m trying to get a burger plain and dry.

  2. Jose says:

    I mean, maybe not necessary for retail, but c’mon THIS is the battle we want to fight? It’s a common California-born word that isn’t a slur, isn’t a curse word, and isn’t directed at anyone or anything. Hell, it’s more entertaining to see some (good) edgyness from businesses. I’m hella ok with it.

  3. Turlockian says:

    If you think it’s a offensive you can make a comment about it to the workers. But it’s their job to put the signs that are sent to them. Worried about your children saying “Hella” ? You can teach them otherwise. Because I heard that word when I was 6 years of age. It’s common to hear this type of language. My parents taught me what to say and not say. You teach them, not scold us.

  4. justcurious says:

    What happened at jack in the book on geer a couple nights ago? The drive through was closed off after a lot of police, firetrucks, and ambulances were there.

  5. Alysha says:

    I already posted a pic of this last week lol

  6. Peepa, I don't think TCN readers "understand" says:

    your humor. Sarcasm is wasted on this website of low-functioning, semi-adults. It is ran by a high school drop-out, who was (*edited by tcn) on campus and then opened a skateboard shop. Fired by the city for lying about his superior, it is a mess. Read the Turlock Journal, that is where you will find real stories.

  7. Rachel says:

    I’ve gone out of town, to different states, and across the country; California is known for the term “Hella” being used just as Hawaii is known for “hang loose”. Hawaii embraces it and puts it everywhere. It’s not offensive in any manner and I don’t understand how any one could take this into a personally offending manner. I use to work at Jack in the Box in High school and they are always trying there best to change thigs to please the customer, so if it really bothers you so much that you just can’t live with it then call and make an effort to change it. Even better, get outa California, because your hella lame :p

  8. Mateo says:

    @Rachel You may want to think about what you’re saying before you go running your gob. People like Peepa are the reason we are even allowed to use the word “hella” if we choose to do so. As far as jack in the box and high school, you should probably head back there to brush up the ol’ education because while I can let the misspellings go, I sincerely believe that anyone above the age of 12 or so, should most certainly know the difference between their, there, they’re, your and you’re. Good friggin grief!! And you go around calling others lame. Shame on you, you ignorant fool!

  9. Loyd B. says:

    My guess is since society considers profanity inoffensive anymore, b Jack in the Box wants to capitalize on this with a three – step marketing campaign. This is the first. After a while, the second phase: “Sh*t, don’t starve”. Then, the no – holds – barred third: “F*ck; let’s eat!”

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