Sparks from Vehicle Exhaust Cause of Glenwood Fire

Brandon McMillan/

Thursday afternoon’s fire on Glenwood Avenue was caused by sparks from a truck that had driven down the road.

The Turlock Fire Department responded to the area of Glenwood Avenue and Baywood Lane at approximately 2:50 p.m. after receiving the report of a grass fire that was spreading.

A witness had told the Turlock Fire Department that sparks coming from the exhaust of an International model truck had started the fire. The sparks allegedly ignited ground fuel along the roadway, reports the Turlock Fire Department.

The sparks started multiple small grass fires over a quarter-mile area on Glenwood Avenue on each side of the Baywood Lane intersection.

Fire crews were able to control the fire within 12 minutes.

Damage was minimal with only slight burning to an electrical post and ground fuel. 

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