Around Turlock – June 30


These “Uneven Sidewalk” signs often seen on Tuolumne Road near the Geer Road intersection have recently been popping up more all over Turlock.

The issue commonly occurs as trees grow and their roots damage the adjacent sidewalks. The trees along Tuolumne aren’t large, but are doing enough to make people want to watch their step.

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  1. Susan says:

    I recently received a letter about my City tree that was planted in 1988, that has raised the sidewalk. Giving me 10 days to take care of it. Really, 10 days? Called the city about their tree, was told a ordinance had been passed, it is now my tree, my responsibility. How convenient, city did allow extra time, since, I was addressing the issue. Homeowners insurance denied my claim, so, $2000.00 later, issue has been taken care of. I cannot say, I’m happy about this whole situation, since the city required this chosen tree to be planted. Now, I expect the city to make sure other homeowners with these notices, get their sidewalks fixed also. And, in a timely fashion as myself.

  2. S says:

    I certainly hope that you are not a senior citizen living on $800.00 a month.
    You can thank Roy Wasden and the City Attorney , both members of the $200,000.00.

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