Councilmember DeHart Running for Reelection

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On Wednesday Bill DeHart, Jr. formally announced his intention to seek re-election to Turlock City Council for the November General Election.

“The job of Council Member requires a well rounded person who understands the technical aspects of running a major city,” said DeHart. “A candidate must have thorough knowledge of water, public safety, and growth issues as well as other relevant issues which not only impact Turlock but the entire valley. I have the necessary professional experience and knowledge to get the job done and move Turlock forward.”

DeHart, who has served on the City Council since 2010, believes there are several key issues facing Turlock, including: Measure A to come on the November ballot, the initiative to institute District Elections; Measure B on the November ballot, the initiative to authorize a sales tax dedicated to road repair within the city; regional water issues; Public Safety departments’ shortages; involvement in the Neighborhood Watch Program as the City and the School District launch a Safe Routes to School initiative; and the relationship between the City, the School District, and California State University, Stanislaus.

The intended candidate wants to see the successful passage and implementation of both Measures A and B, “continual active participation” in regards to water issues, and focus on Public Safety to see additional personnel and funding. DeHart would also like to see more participation in the Neighborhood Watch Program, as well as expanded collaboration between the City, Turlock Unified School District, and CSU Stanislaus.

“This is not a training position for someone who wants to learn on the job,” said DeHart. “Experience matters. I am a confident, common sense and experienced leader who is motivated to continue to serve Turlock and all of its residents as your City of Turlock City Council Member.”

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