SUV Spins Off Highway 99 at Main Street

Brandon McMillan/

A white Ford Explorer spun out on northbound Highway 99 sending it into the embankment at the Main Street onramp Saturday evening.

According to the California Highway Patrol, a white SUV spun out into the embankment at approximately 5:19 p.m.

A caller reported that an occupant of the SUV was trapped in the vehicle, the CHP reported.

The occupants of the vehicle have since escaped the vehicle. At least one occupant of the vehicle has been transported to an area hospital, according to fire crews on scene, but it is unknown how many were injured or the extent of the injuries.

The Main Street northbound Highway 99 onramp was closed while occupants were extracted, but has since been reopened.

The cause of the accident is unknown at this time. 

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  1. Misty Cole-Valenzuela says:
    It was me my brother and my sister....the rear tire blew and caused us to fish tail. My brother was driving but could not gain control and we spun around and hit the curb not the right side and flipped the landed right side up. I was the one who had to be transported due to pain in my back neck and right shoulder. They had to get me out. We are all ok just shook up and minor bumps and bruises. We were on our way to doctors hospital in modesto to meet up with our mom because our dad was in a motorcycle accident on the Pacheco pass. He is ok too miraculously all 4 of us were able to eventually walk away. There was no dui driving and no texting involved and we were all wearing seat belts. The tire caused ours and a car ran my dad off the road in his. Thank you all for your concern. We are just very greatful no other vehicles were involved and that God sent his angels to protect us. All the Dr's involved said it was a miracle we are ok.

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