Turlock City Council to Discuss Pay Raise for Mayor, Councilmembers, Treasurer


Turlock City Council will decide Tuesday whether to appoint a task force to review current compensation for the Mayor, Treasurer, and Council.

The City Council presented an item at the May 13 meeting to address compensation. Following that discussion, it was decided that each councilmember would recommend one individual to be appointed to a task force specifically to look at compensation.

This task force would be asked to review the current compensation of the Mayor, Treasurer, and Council and give a report on recommended changes to the Mayor and Council.

Currently, the Mayor and City Council members are elected to serve four terms of office, with a monthly stipend of $500 as is authorized under State Law for the “time the contribute serving their community and fulfilling their constitutional duties.”

Under the basis for recommendation for the action of electing a compensation task force, the City documents that while the Council is considered a part-time job, there are times when elected members are putting aside more than part time hours. The report explains that councilmembers are often responsible for representing the City at events and meetings held by other governmental agencies; for example to attend a Parks and Recreation event like the observance of Arbor Day.

“Frequently these [meetings] are held during the regular work week and require Council members to take leave from their private affairs and/or their full-time employment,” the report reads.

It goes on to explain that “after a thorough review of the compensation information for many cities across the State of California” the compensation for serving on Council should be fair and adequate in relation to the amount of hours and effort put in and that the pay should be appropriately competitive for the local area so as not to deter qualified citizens from running for office.

“It is important that the compensation structure for the Mayor and Council provides some reasonable amount of benefit so that [it] encourages quality candidates to serve and not just those who have the ability to take off from their jobs or employment pursuits for large chunks of time such as wealthy individuals and retirees.”

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Turlock City Council is also expected to:

  • Acknowledge the retirement of two City employees: Matthew Seilheimer, Fire Captain and Jeri Gilley, Finance Customer Service.
  • Request to approve an agreement between the City of Turlock and Turlock Gospel Mission in order to use volunteers to help provide routine maintenance in City parks and facilities.
  • Seek a grant agreement with the State Department of Water Resources for the 2014 Integrate Regional Water Management Drought Grant pursuant to the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006.
  • Request to accept the 2014-2015 Legislative Platform for the City of Turlock as presenting and authorizing the City Manager or his designee to participate in the League of Cities advocacy efforts on behalf of the City of Turlock.
  • Recognize the 75th anniversary of Foster Farms with Roy Foster.

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  1. Republican hate says:

    Dj’s republican brainwashing really hates Lazar and the government just because they want to ask for citizens to pay a tax to fix the roads. Finally. This is not related to the roads or police and fire losing officers or not getting raises. This is a separate issue and if these people are spending more time to work for is, they should be paid. Dj, go back and work on getting your high school diploma and stop causing trouble with your pseudo news website.

  2. Joe the Plumber says:

    I think “Republican Brain-washing” is the one who really hates DJ. If anyone opposes the road tax are they labeled “brain washed”. C’mon people, do we really want another tax. The democrats are killing us in debt with all their taxes. People like Lazar, White and Mary Jackass are causing us to go to the poor house. Democrats are the problem. Vote Soieseth for Mayor

  3. KB says:

    If one wants to truly serve their community then it’s about being a voice to enrich the lives all citizens not about money or self serving agendas. If a Council member doesn’t like the stipend and full medical insurance they receive then DON’T place your name on the ballot. Just Say No! Thank you Gary Soiseth, as our future Mayor for the City of Turlock for not accepting any pay for providing a civic duty!

  4. Update says:

    The Council voted to deny staff’s recommendation that they evaluate council compensation. Also, I’m pretty sure none of them get health insurance anymore. Didn’t Howze do away with that?

  5. KB says:

    Update. I think you will discover the Mayor and Council are currently provided health insurance.

  6. D says:

    Just a question, is double dipping against the law……

  7. Billy Jean says:

    Please provide accurate info..Does the council get their health insurance?

  8. Wanting to know... says:

    If they don’t take the health insurance, are they instead receiving deferred compensation in lieu? Please look into this. Who on the council is receiving either health insurance or deferred compensation?

  9. D says:

    If you do not take health care you get deferred comp in lieu as an employee.
    I was informed that an employee was taking both, hence double dipping, shame on you.

  10. FACTS says:

    Pretty funny that you all expect to receive factual information from this site.

  11. Double Dip says:

    There is a employee who is also an elected official who participates in deferred compensation with matching city funds. I guess that can be construed as the double dip!

  12. Ignorance Level Continues says:

    on this website. Are there any reporters (a loose term on this website) who actually have correct information? City Council members & the Mayor receive $500 a month, that is all. No health insurance, and no pension. You must be talking about David’s buddies at TID who make $1500 a month, receive free health insurance and pad a “pension” for sitting on their buttocks once a week for an hour, plus a free lunch.

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