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Turlock City News

Suspect on Bike Found with Active Warrants, Hash Oil, Marijuana

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

A suspect on bike was arrested early Tuesday morning after Turlock police found he had multiple active warrants and possessed narcotics.

Turlock police stopped Tyler Clardy, 23, on a bicycle on the 800 block of Jessica Street at approximately 4:18 a.m. Tuesday.

The subject was stopped because the bicycle allegedly did not have proper lighting, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

California law requires bicycles ridden in the dark to have a white light on the front, red reflector on the rear, white or yellow reflectors on the pedals, shoes, or ankles, and white or yellow reflectors on the front and rear of the bike visible from both sides.

When officers contacted Clardy, they found that he had two active warrants for his arrest.

While searching Clardy, officers also found that he was allegedly in possession of hashish oil and marijuana.

Clardy was arrested and booked for the active warrants, possession of controlled cannabis, and manufacturing a controlled substance.  

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  1. T says:

    Good job T.P.D. get these middle of the night tweekers that are ripping all of us off out of here.

  2. Michelle says:

    I think its funny that Guest T said they were doing a good job getting these middle of the night tweakers out of here that are ripping you off. Yet not once was meth mentioned only marijuana and hash oil. which is made from marijuana. And 4am almost 430 is not the middle of the night. It is early morning. And last but not least nothing was mentioned about anything allegedly, possibly, reportedy or anything about anything Stolen from anyone.He didn’t have proper lights thats why they stopped him. He wasnt even refered to as a suspicious person. They got lucky.. he had 2 warrents. which led to the rest. what happened to innocent untill proven guilty? Id hate to have you as a juror if i were on trial. Lol pr

  3. T says:

    So what do you think all these people we see riding their bikes in the middle of the night oops excuse me Gloria Allred (early morning hours) without lights are doing, getting exercise? They are stealing to feed a habit.
    I would like you to check out this guys rap sheet on Stan County Superior Court Case Index Search.
    Possession of burglary tools, I rest my case.
    Now Michelle get off of the free internet at the Gospel Mission and go put some lights on your bike.

  4. Michael says:

    They are riding around turlock protecting us patrolling the streets 24 hours a day..never sleeping…they are the underground super hero’s…”methmen”…please do not let turlock turn into Modesto. ..great job Turlock PD…the hard working tax payers support you…..

  5. ANYNOMOUS says:

    MESSAGE IS FOR THE OTHER PERSON NAMED ‘T’ FIRST OF ALL YOU MUST B E ONE OF THOSE HOLY ROLLER PEOPLE..WHO OBVOUSLY THINK YOUR BETTER THAN THE REST.. HIS RAP SHEAT SAID he had ”burglary tools …know what that can be? any thing they want to call that from a tooth brush to a bazooka….give the dude a break he wasnt busted with meth…it was a manufactured drug from weed! hash is concidered a manufactured drug that most ignorant people such as yourself assume , right before you make a blind judgment about someone whom you dont even know….go back to church lady…

  6. T says:

    Far from a church lady or a holy roller, just sad that Turlock is starting to look like Modesto in some aspects.
    So if you think that you and your friends riding around under the cover of darkness without lights is normal than you must have just fallen off the cabbage truck.
    So is today free internet day at the gospel mission anonoymous.

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