State Approves $500 Fine for Water Wasters in Turlock, California


Turlockers and any Californians who waste the state’s precious water are about to face some mandatory hefty fines should they get caught.

The California State Water Resources Board unanimously approved a statewide $500 fine Tuesday for Californians who waste water on landscaping, fountains, and washing vehicles.

Fines for water wasters will be implemented in cases where residents water landscaping to the point that runoff flows into gutters and onto sidewalks. Also residents who wash vehicles without a nozzle on the hose, and those who hose down sidewalks and driveways could be fined.

According to the State Water Board, Californians have failed to cut back on the 20 percent reduction goal urged by Governor Jerry Brown, and in fact have actually increased consumption 1 percent statewide during May versus past years.

Of course exemptions for public health and safety are included for cities.

"Our goal here is to light a fire under those who aren't yet taking the drought seriously," State Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus said.

Marcus also said city and suburban residents are not fully aware of the seriousness of the three-year statewide drought — the worst since the mid 1970s.

The State Water Board estimates the restrictions could save enough water statewide to supply 3.4 million residents for one year.

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  1. Really says:
    How can they fine me for using my water that I pay for. I have a meter on my water and I pay for my consumption.
  2. Gretchen DePue says:
    Who do I call to report a water waster?
  3. Yes Really says:
    To "Guest Really" - water is a resource desperately needed by our central valley farmers and not for you to waste overwatering your lawn, washing off your sidewalk or pooling in your street gutter. Only people with feelings of entitlement are making the point if they pay for it, it shouldn't be anyone else's concern how they use it. Follow the rules which are there for everyone's benefit (particularly our farmers). It's not difficult to conserve.
  4. Jennifer says:
    You can report water wast on the City of Turlock Website. Here is the link to the page

    Or you can call 668-5590

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