Motocross Riders Wow at Stanislaus County Fair

Brandon McMillan/

It took some time for motocross fans to get excited at Stanislaus County Fair, but once the bikes began soaring through the air, fans got quite the show.

The crowd cheered in excitement as the riders performed massive flips, whips, and tricks while flying 80 feet in the air.

The night opened with riders risking their life in the Globe of Death — a metal globe in which dirt bikers ride around inches from each other. WGAS announcer Lloyd even gave the globe a shot, standing in the middle while a rider rushed by inches away from collision.

Once the Globe of Death was cleared out, and fans were warmed up, the daredevil freestyle motocross riders took to the ramps.

After some ramp adjustments due to wild wind conditions, the riders were ready to give the fans a show.

The riders brought their best tricks with huge backflips, can cans, and even a “Captain Morgan” pose from freestyle motocross competition winner Garrett Ahlf.

The best trick competition was taken to the next level with no-handed backflips and massive “kiss of deaths” where riders come inches from their front wheel. Wiley Fuhlmer, who narrowly lost to Ahlf in the freestyle competition, took home the win in best trick.

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