Traffic Advisory: Semi on Tracks at Paulson and Daubenberger Roads

Brandon McMillan/

A traffic hazard has been advised at Paulson and Daubenberger Roads by the California Highway Patrol, as a semi truck is stuck on the railroad tracks at that location.

After the semi truck became stopped on the tracks, a CHP unit was assigned at approximately 1:14 p.m. and arrived on scene at about 1:32 p.m., according to CHP. Union Pacific Railroad stopped train traffic at 1:16 p.m. Due to this stop, a train is currently blocking traffic in downtown Modesto.

Stanislaus Tow was called to the scene at 1:42 p.m. to clear the semi from the tracks.

As of 1:50 p.m., the semi truck was still on the tracks. will provide an update as soon as it becomes available.

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  1. Midnight g says:
    I thought there was a big yellow sign that warned trucks of this issue.

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