Stanislaus Alliance gets New Name and Elects Executive Committee, Board Members


The Stanislaus Economic Development and Workforce Alliance will now be known simply as the “Stanislaus Business Alliance” as of a vote made Monday.

Its board unanimously agreed to the name change Monday, which became effective immediately. David White, CEO of the Business Alliance explained that there were two main reasons for the name change that worked hand in hand: they want businesses to know that they are there to support them, and they wanted their clients to know their name.

"We are here to address their needs working in partnership with chambers of commerce, our nine cities, Stanislaus County and other partners,” said White.

The Stanislaus Business Alliance serves Stanislaus County residents and businesses by attracting jobs to the county, helping local companies expand, addressing the workforce needs of employers and supporting entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into viable businesses.

There are four divisions within the Alliance: Business Development, Workforce Development, Innovation, and Marketing & Communications.

In the Business Development division, they manage business retention and expansion as well as business recruitment efforts. Workforce Development, or the Alliance WorkNet, serves the workforce development needs of the county. Innovation, or Alliance Small Business Development Center, serves the needs of innovators and entrepreneurs, and Marketing & Communications helps to promote the news and assets of the county to its local residents and externally to the outside world.

The Stanislaus Business Alliance claims it is “committed to creating a blueprint for success, which can make Stanislaus the strategic business choice for existing and expanding businesses.”

At the same meeting, the Stanislaus Business Alliance Board of Directors unanimously elected executive committee officers and board members:
Chairman – Jeff Foster, Foster Farms
Vice Chairman – Bill O’Brien, General Manager O’Briens Market and Stanislaus County B.O.S District 1
Secretary – Sharon Silva, CEO/President of Turlock Chamber of Commerce
Treasurer – Ron Jackson, CEO/COO of Beard Land and Investment
Doug Johnson – President and CEO of Stanislaus Surgical Center

Both Silva and Jackson are new executive committee members.

Members of the board include: Cal Campbell, Vice Mayor of the City of Riverbank; David Darmstandler, Co-Founder of DataPath, Inc.; Tony Madrigal, City of Modesto Councilman – District 2; and Charlie Souders, IBEW Local 1245. 

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  1. Silva Cow says:

    She’s a cow not a person. How did she get on the board?

  2. JP says:

    She just Mooed right in.

  3. Racist portagee says:

    Not all silva portagees own dairies and are fat cows don’t be racist

  4. Local Business says:

    I own a small business in Ceres. Can anyone tell me if the Alliance services have helped them make more money or if I shouldn’t waste my time contacting them?

    Thank you for your input.

  5. Business says:

    Ask Council Woman Amy Bublak about her friend Sharon Silva. Hear what she has to say.

  6. Turlock Businessman says:

    I also have a business in Turlock. I’ve heard of this “Alliance” but I cannot see that they have done squat for my small business. Its probably like the Chamber of Commerce. A worthless group that takes your money to support political candidates. I think every business in Turlock should ask themselves “What has the Chamber done for me lately?”

  7. Name drop says:

    JP like Jerry Powell???

  8. Business says:

    All the small business paying money to the Chamber of Commerce are giving the few leaders money to support political candidates who will pledge to keep funding them with tax payers money and approves tier special businesses that shouldn’t pass.

    Ask Bublak about the under the table money she didn’t report from the owner of Monte Vista Crossings and ask Mayr Lazar about the money he got for letting the Vintage Lounge open in the building he was the real estate agent for. Ask Chamber CEO Sharon silva about the money she gets from the city to pay her brother for services with no bids.

    Mayor candidate mike brem is friends with all these scandalous people are supporting him.

  9. Matilda says:

    What does Jerry Powell have to do with the Alliance or Sharon Silva?

  10. Rosie says:

    Rose likes Silva linguica

  11. Rosie says:

    I think Jerry Powell is running the Alliance in Turlock. He is starting another business in the Turlock Downtown area and I really want to know what business it is. Does anyone know what business he is starting?

  12. Mike coxleaking says:

    Jp has 5 partners from in and around turlock that have applied for a permit in the city of Keyes not turlock. Buster hyman, Sharon Peters, Justin Heranus, Lou Sass and Tara Nupsumass are the partners. They want to open a high end coffee house. Complete with food coffee WiFi and a stage for poetry readings. The first two guest will be Peter Fitzinwell and Barry McCociner. Please come and join them.

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