Subject Found in Shoplifter’s Vehicle with Meth, Both Arrested

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

Turlock police took two males into custody Friday night after one of the subjects was caught allegedly stealing from FoodMaxx and his passenger was allegedly found with narcotics.

Officers responded to FoodMaxx, located at 1845 Countryside Dr., at approximately 9:28 p.m. on the report of a shoplifter.

Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb said he was not releasing the name of the business, however police records show that the incident occurred at FoodMaxx.

The alleged shoplifter, Jasdeep Samra, 29, was apprehended by the store’s loss prevention agents, said Webb.

Turlock police arrested Samra for shoplifting.

Officers also contacted a subject, Donald Kando, 35, who was waiting in Samra’s vehicle. Kando was allegedly found to be in possession of methamphetamine and was subsequently arrested.

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  1. T says:
    The guy on the right has approached me a few times in parking lots asking for gas money.
    That is exactly why I never give money, just supporting their habits.
  2. Laurie says:
    This is the same man begging for gas money all the time near Safeway
  3. D says:
    Guy on the right asked me for money about a month ago. He said he ran out of gas and was trying to get to sonora. Gave him 10$.. Guess he never left...
  4. Craig says:
    Guy on the right has been aggressively panhandling in parking lots around Turlock for over a year. Not surprised to see this is what he does with the money. Wish the police would catch him more often!
  5. Uglatto says:
    Donny D is on the backup! Drug free so you know he is getting cracked up kicking in prison, you got your jail vibration!
  6. Why do you people give them money? says:
    I am one of the many that was approached at target Arco and in front of big five several times by the guy in the glasses claiming to have run out of gas money. Once at target he even popped out from between two cars and almost gave me a heart attack. He was once again asking for gas money. This dude runs out of gas 16 times per day and it always happens in Turlock for some reason. When is Turlock going to make a stand and stop tolerating these people that are obviously nothing but low life scammers and criminals?
  7. guest says:
    His Name is Donald ,I used to know him, he used to be normal but he started having seizures and started passing out ,he was taken to the hospital ,had gotten surgery on his head and ever since his personality had changed and has turned into a living hell for his family,he never listens to anyone except the voices in his head, he was a great guy before, now he is just plain nuts after the surgery to his head.

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