Around Turlock – August 12

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The Chatom Union School District kicked off the school year Tuesday, but for some kids it wasn’t so much “back” to school as it was their first day ever at school.

Four-year olds in Mrs. Eloisa Dompe spent their first day in transitional kindergarten (TK) at Chatom Elementary learning the basics of school, such as how to walk in the hallways, how to get their lunch in line, how to sit down quietly at play stations.

Mrs. Dompe explained that while these are the basics, her class of 16 children will learn their colors, numbers one through 20, alphabet, shapes, sounds, seasons and calendar throughout the school year.

Chatom Union Superintendent Cherise Olvera said that since the TK program began last school year it has helped children who are a little too old for preschool and yet not quite ready for kindergarten to learn the much-needed social and academic skills to be ready once they reach kindergarten.

“It’s like opening a milk carton,” said Olvera.

On Aug. 18 Turlock Unified School District will have its first day of classes.

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