Suspect With Two Drug Warrants Arrested After Disturbance

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

Officers arrested a female subject with multiple felony drug warrants after responding to a disturbance early on Wednesday morning.

Around 2 a.m., the Turlock Police Department received a report of a screaming woman in a residence on the 100 block of 20th Century Boulevard, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

The witness also reported that they had seen a male walk up to the residence from Walgreen’s, said Lewis.

Officers responded to perform a security check and located Stacey Coslow, 24, at the residence.

Coslow was found to have two active felony drug related warrants. She was arrested and booked for the warrants.

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  1. Sick and Tired of Tweekers says:

    She used to have blond hair and the cops have been called on her several times at a local 24 hr store, for shoplifting and also threatening a clerk. Keep her in jail this time, don’t let her out.

  2. jack hiscock says:

    let me guess

    209 methmouth?


  3. Oh no not another tweeker says:

    She’s also one of the annoying local panhandlers in addition to being a thief and meth head. Can someone poison the dope supply or something? The gutter slime doesn’t seem to be going away.

  4. jack hiscock says:

    shes got betty crankster eyes

  5. J.SKI says:

    She’s probably finer than your guy’s old lady’s There’s no hope on winning the war on drugs, that’s why they call it a war, because it’s just like any other war (we lose)….

  6. Guest says:

    She looks pretty good in my eyes. I would slip her some meth for a (*edited by tcn). If I was wearing a swimsuit, maybe more!

  7. Wow says:

    You know you’re in hell when people are saying some trailer-dwelling crackhead is a nice looking lady. =/

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