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Turlock City News

Around Turlock – September 9

Jonathan McCorkell/TurlockCityNews.com

Trash is thrown about and a grocery cart sits apparently abandoned at the southeast corner of F Street and Golden State Boulevard.

A sore sight for motorists as they enter into Turlock’s metropolitan area northward from Highway 99.

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  1. Aww says:

    Poor motorists have to see the dreck left strewn about by Turlock’s drug addict homeless. Imagine the people whose home values have been destroyed because the park they live by is a tweeker tent city.

  2. Turlocker says:

    I find it funny that if a persons yard gets like this the city will come clean it and fine the person but these lots are left to be dirty. Fine the person who owns it and if it is city property take some responsibility and clean it up. Have city workers clean from the looks of it this job would take 2 people 30 minutes. I know a couple city workers who constantly say the work a few hours out of the day and the rest of the time they just drive around. No I am not giving them up.

  3. Re: turlocker says:

    Well said. I am so tired of what is happening to Turlock. Turlock used to be such a nice place but it’s so dirty and bad now! Wish more would be done to bettering the place again.

  4. Cristian says:

    It’s sad to see Turlock like this, I remember driving on the 99 on the way home and it not being an eye soar. Hopefully the city does something about this so we can bring Turlock back to how it once was, a nice place to raise a family.

  5. Don't act surprised now. says:

    If you’re tired of seeing Turlock this way, then you know what political party you SHOULD be voting for and if you did, stay vigilant, times will change for the better but not for awhile. Remember the bumper sticker One Big A– Mistake America. Couldn’t have been more spot on.

  6. That's the best you can do??? says:

    Thanks for always posting positive stories about Turlock! Why don’t you post when Pam Franco gets arrested for shoplifting or does that not fit the political agenda of this website. Why don’t you repost about the young man who got hit by a train or someone who committed suicide. Is there an article asking for donations for the tragic killing of three family members? Or about the great things students are doing all over Turlock? Remember Fransen’s lack of education background. Santos runs this website.

  7. Greedy Fire Fighters says:

    So the beat your chest fire fighters have bought Matt Jacob and Bill DeHart to represent them on the Turlock council. Last time around DeHart had no $$$ except for the 16K from the Turlock fire fighters. Does anyone else see the need for campaign finance reform? Now our police officers are joining in the plan to pad their pockets. Turlock residents, vote for anyone NOT endorsed by Turlock police & fire, let’s see how much more money they get in the recent labor negotiations. Then you’ll see why they spend their own $$ to elect their own candidates who do exactly what they tell them. Don’t forget about the (*edited by tcn) Bublak, she’s involved, too!

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