Road Closures to Connect Auto Mall Drive and Dianne Drive

Brandon McMillan/

Due to a road alignment to ease the flow of traffic near the Turlock Auto Plaza, portions of both Dianne Drive and Fulkerth Road will be closed until Oct. 31 beginning on Wednesday.

Dianne Drive, by way of West Main Street and Fulkerth Road will be closed to traffic. Detours will be in place and traffic will be allowed up to Polous Drive.

Fulkerth by way of North Tegner Road and Auto Mall Drive will be closed to traffic. Detours will be in place and access to Auto Mall Drive will be available.

At the completion of the project Dianne Drive will connect directly to Auto Mall Drive. Currently both roads are offset by roughly 100 feet with both dead-ending into Fulkerth Road.

The new road segment will be 76 feet wide with bike lanes.

A traffic signal will also be installed at the intersection of Dianne Drive, Fulkerth Road, and Auto Mall Drive; currently there is only a four-way stop sign at the intersection.

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  1. Road work. says:

    UGH! So tired of slow road work…

  2. RE: Road Work says:

    Sees a pothole – fix the roads!

    Gets delayed by road construction – what’s the hold up!?!?

    No pleasing some people.

  3. Mary says:

    There’s no four way stop anywhere near there. That makes no sense at all that there would be a four way stop when the roads don’t meet.

  4. Re: Re: says:

    There were no potholes there…

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