Police Find Heroin, Vicodin During Traffic Stop

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

Two subjects were arrested for possession of narcotics after officers made a traffic stop on Tuesday night.

Officers stopped a vehicle on the 700 block Wayside Drive at approximately 10:25 p.m.

Two subjects, William Compton, 61, and Jasper McCormick, 30, were contacted by officers on scene.

A search of the vehicle revealed that the two were allegedly in illegal possession vicodin and heroin.

Both Compton and McCormick were arrested and booked for possession.

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  1. 1%'ers says:
    Looking at the many headlines of Turlock Police it amazes me with only 5 officers working at any given time for a city of 70,000 people that they can catch anyone! Petty thefts, auto burglaries and other cold crimes require a majority of daily patrol energies which in turn demands documenting these crimes on paper. Turlock Police Department has no gang task force due to staffing levels and there are 5 officers for patrol and four detectives to go over the thousands of investigative reports. Our City Manager, Mayor and current Council has cut Public Safety to the bare bones at the cost of public safety yet Measure B has become the top agenda for fixing our roads. I believe newly repaired roads are nice to have but NOT when you're afraid to travel them!
  2. jack hiscock says:
    naming your kid jasper = 209 methteeth

  3. Wasden says:
    There were cops all over Berry Drive and Hampton Way last night at 11:30. TPD site says that a robbery occurred at 10:30 in the 2400 block of Crowell Road any info??
    The city keeps these things hush hush why ????

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