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Police Confirm Mountain Lion Sightings, Urging Residents to Remain in Homes

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

The Turlock Police Department is actively searching for a mountain lion that has been spotted in northeast Turlock.

Initial reports were received around 5:30 p.m. at the 1200 block of Berkeley Avenue, near Arbor Way.

Officers responded to the area and did spot the mountain lion, which has been described as a “mature lion,” said Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Victor Barcelos.

The Turlock Police Department sent a message to the surrounding neighborhood warning of the mountain lion and urging residents to remain in their homes.

Many residents in the area were out and walking the neighborhoods as of 8 p.m.

Officers began to setup a perimeter in the area, as far as California Avenue and Peacock Drive, with some officers being seeing with rifles.

Citizens in the area of Anning Drive and Johnson Road were told by officers to remain in their homes for a brief period, as the mountain lion had been seen in the area.

Each time officers located the mountain lion, it ran away quickly and officers lost sight of it.

The Turlock Police Department is advising citizens to remain safe and use caution in the area. Also, citizens should bring any pets inside, said Barcelos.

The California Fish and Wildlife have arrived on scene. Barcelos said the City of Turlock Animal Services contacted Fish and Wildlife, as well as other resources, to find a humane resolution.

“We understand the cats are not here to harm anybody, but we understand they are a wild animal and we have to treat them with precaution,” said Barcelos.

As of 8 p.m., officers were still searching in the area, however Barcelos said the dark would play a role in determining if Turlock police would remain in the area.

“We are just as susceptible to being attacked as anyone else is,” said Barcelos.

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  1. L.Dubbb says:

    I certainly hope animal control and the Department of Forestry handle this well…

  2. Ugh says:

    Don’t shoot the kitty!

  3. Realist says:

    Kill that Cat! This is what over population does when they are not allowed to be hunted. They come into town and hunt our pets and god help us our young ones. If you think this is not possible then camp outside your house with out protection and let me know how you slept in the morning. Hunting is part of our heritage. So we either hunt or be hunted.

  4. Jen says:

    Seriously realist? Who says you aren’t allowed to hunt? And this is not over population. The only over population here is the humans! We build on their homes and where do we expect them to go?

  5. Love to Hunt says:

    Wow if you honestly believe that Mr Realist then you are no hunter but just someone who enjoys killing. The Mountain lion has been hunted and almost wiped out in some areas and is starting to make a good comeback. A true hunter would know you must keep balance in nature or all hunting will eventually cease. People with the attitude you are projecting is what is making it harder and harder for us hunters who are educated to continue to try and keep this wonderful tradition going.

  6. Turlock Resident says:

    Jen and Love To Hunt are a bunch of tree hugging hippies. Who else would say they care more about an animal than a single human life. That animal came in here looking for something whether it be food or water or both. So it’s going to find it in pools, backyards, our kids schools, anywhere. If you hippies want to save an animal go adopt one from the pound heck adopt 20. Save those lives or are you tree hugging hippies a bunch of liar’s also.

  7. Love to Hunt says:

    Not once did I say anything about not wanting concern over people in fact my child goes to school in the area of a sighting. Maybe you just want to kill I do not know but why kill an animal if you can relocate. So far the cat has ran so it obviously is scared of humans it has not acted aggressive at all unless you count getting to close to humans. Also as a hunter I understand conservation and the need to not just kill an animal because of the type of animal it is. If we act on the possibilities of an animal attack then we might as well kill every animal on earth because all animals have the ability to attack people, and if thinking before killing is a hippie than so be it much better than being a jack ass.

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