Turlock Mother of 3 Asking Community for Help to Move Family Into a Home

Submitted by Mechele Kaericher/TurlockCityNews.com

Mechele Kaericher, 36, a mother of three children ages 14, 12 and 4, spent last night with her children in Motel 6 eating tacos from Del Taco, the night before it was pizza from a cardboard box. Kaericher and her children have been living at Motel 6 for several weeks.

There was a time in her life when she and her family lived a much better life, but cancer ravaged it and nearly killed Kaericher in the process.

When she was just 32 years old, Kaericher was diagnosed with breast cancer and several weeks later she learned she was pregnant with her now 4-year-old daughter.

By April of 2013 the tumor in her left breast had grown to five inches long and two inches wide. She underwent intensive chemotherapy from April to August in 2013 and on Jan. 24 of this year she had a double mastectomy. Since the procedure she has been freed of cancer’s icy grip, but its affect on her life continues.

As her cancer grew inside her, Kaericher and her children moved from Hayward, where she and her family rented a nice home and she worked at a storage facility earning a quality income combined with her husband, who she is now separated from, back to her hometown of Turlock.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen to me, I thought I was going to die and I wanted my children to be surrounded by family,” Kaerichere said. “My mother, brother and cousins live here and this is where we needed to be.”

Recently things have begun to turn around for Kaericher and her kids, who attend Pitman High as a freshman and Turlock Junior High as a seventh-grader.

On July 24 she obtained full-time employment at a local storage facility and she was able to purchase a used car, but she and her children have not been able to save enough money for a house or apartment.

“Right now everything coming in is going right back out and I am paying for the hotel room,” Kaericher said. “Everything is moving in the right direction but it’s hard to save for first and last month plus deposit when you have three mouths to feed.”

Mechele started a Gofundme page and has asked for $3,500. As of yesterday 10 people have donated $410 in four days.

“I am extremely embarrassed to have to ask for help publicly, but at this point the holidays are coming up and I’d love to make dinner for my family in my own home,” Kaericher said as her tears began flowing.

Mechele explained that her husband and her are separated, but he is unemployed and does not provide financial assistance to her or the children. However, he is involved in their lives.

“I am usually not the one to put my personal business out there like this and ask for charity, but at this point, I need to do what I have to, to get my kids settled once again. So that they do not feel so displaced,” Mechele wrote on her Gofundme page.

To donate to Mechele visit http://www.gofundme.com/erkqk4

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  1. Serenity says:

    She can contact the Chronic Disease Fund to help w/financial resources.

  2. adam says:

    Glad to hear you overcame what many women don’t and will be praying for you and not being rude or anything of that nature but you came back to be close with your family and your renting a hotel room that doesn’t sound like moving back to be close with family I hope your family reads this and steps up to do their part because it seems as though your doing it on your own I wish you the best

  3. this makes me crazy says:

    The sad thing is if she had just swam across the Reo Grand with a satchel full of dope she could get the government to pay for her home and food and phone. But to bad for her she was born and raised and paid into her taxes and Retirement. This is what wailfair should be for. Not for Mexicans and free loaders.
    Her husband needs to work. It’s peach season he could work the fields or something. He sounds like a price of work too.

    after my rant I am sorry for that. If someone from the city is reading this find some special fund and help this family out. This is what government help should be all about.

    Husband if your laying on your ass reading this get up and get a job and help the mother of your children and your children. Wash cars pick peaches what ever it takes

    Mechele you are beautiful on the left and the right. Before and during.
    You seem like a bad ass fighter. Keep up the good fight.

  4. Turlocker says:

    How did this story turn into a forum about Mexicans and “wailfair”
    Why do people assume all Mexicans are on some kind of financial assistance. I see more white people on the streets than anything else. I’ve personally have not seen any homeless Mexicans begging for money on the streets but rather selling whatever it may be.

  5. Sharon blkcok says:

    Turlocker you do see more white on the streets. True. Because they. Can’t get help because they are white. Get your head out of the sand

  6. guest says:

    There are tons of people with children who live in motel six. Tons. And btw, everyone eats pizza from a cardboard box lmao why you tryin to make that sound sad.

  7. where are the Turlock churches?? says:

    you know – the ones who wash cars even when their is a drought happening, i guess jesus needs tax free money. or how about the ones who keep feeding the longterm homeless who will never get clean and keep going to the bathroom in peoples back yards?

    what about the assyrian churches? oh yeah – this lady is not assyrian and god forbid assyrians exhibit any behavior that is NOT xenophobic.

    sikh temples? oh thats right – she’s not indian. and like assyrians, they too are extremely xenophobic. and it’s strange how many first generation indians who grew up in Turlock, all act like they grew up in compton.

  8. How sad says:

    Husband is a deadbeat. This is why women end up on welfare. This is a case in which a person that truly needs the assistance should be getting it. At the very least, this lady should be getting ebt to feed her family.

  9. Turlocker says:

    Dear Sharon: how does it even make sense what you are stating? People need to stop making excuses. Why is it that i only see Mexicans working the fields? Open your mind to reality.

  10. ashamed by people who lie to get help! says:

    Sad situation alright….
    But if any one knew the truth they would stop and delete this article immediately!
    Don’t use Gods blessings of others
    Cancer sucks!
    But doesn’t mean to be pathetic , sound horrible, crywolf!
    Husband..check (not split)
    Used everyone in the family..check
    Exactly why no one is left to help..
    Don’t bite the hands that feed you!
    Cancer survivor..check
    Lies, steals..check
    Husband drug user..check

  11. ashamed.. says:

    Fine don’t post it..i will get it seen! Sad she pulled the wool over the eyes of so many.

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