Around Turlock – October 3

Brandon McMillan/

The landscape in front of Crowell Elementary School has a new, browner look currently.

Near the sign, the lawn is ripped up to the dirt, with the area blocked off with signs and caution tape.

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  1. Old pics?! says:

    When was this taken and for what reason was it being torn up…oh never mind we just want to stir the pot !

  2. a Crowell student parent says:

    They removed a tree…what’s the problem?

  3. descendant of Crowell family says:

    That was a historical 100 year old tree. Mr. William H. Crowell planted it himself back in 1914. Shame.

  4. Tree huggers says:

    That was struggling to stay alive and upright. Way to be proactive before someone’s child was injured. Oh but that would be another story for tmz to cover.

  5. D Bonesway says:

    Ms. Alaniz, the scandalous principal, insisted on having it removed so they could erect a statue of her in that same spot.

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