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Around Turlock – October 8


A concerned citizen submitted this picture of “The Cupcake Lady” truck parked across two handicapped parking spots and into the exit lane of a third spot in front of Old Navy.

“I sure hope she got a ticket!!!” wrote the citizen.

The Cupcake Lady makes stops around Monte Vista Crossings several times per week.

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  1. Sharon peters says:

    I think the cupcake lady might be handicapped. Have you had the cupcakes?

  2. Renee Harris says:

    All she has to do is spend one day or even 1 hour in the shoes of a truly disabled individual and if she has any class she would park as far away from these spots as possible.

  3. cleo says:

    Her cupcakes are nasty bought one on my lunch and when I opened it by cutting in half it had a dog hair. I took and and showed it to her and of course she denied it. Its a shame to see her parking that way as I have a disabled child and husband

  4. Jessica says:

    She has the worst cupcakes lol I’m going to have to agree she might be retarded lol and I do hope she gets a ticket that’s bs anyone else would

  5. truth says:

    How come the taco trucks can only be parked in certain areas but the cupcake bimbo can bounce around town and park anywhere including handicap parking spots if it was a taco truck it wouldn’t be happening yeah she needs to get a huge ticket how many handicap parking spots she take at least 3 to 4

  6. kristin says:

    I think the comments here are very rude, if her cupcakes were that bad then she would be out of business. Her parking choice was a terrible judgement call.. but im sure if someone mentioned it to her or one of her workers they would have been happy to move. We all make bad choices, lets not be so critical.

  7. Traci C says:

    Her cupcakes are dry and the worst I have ever had . I know some moms who’s cupcakes by make better cupcakes then this woman . Disgusting !!

  8. melinda says:

    I agree she shouldn’t have parked in a handicap spot but Jessica you are no better calling her a “retard” that’s offensive to all mental challenged people. Educate yourself on that word. You can get your point across with non-offensive words.

  9. PeePaw Jackingston says:

    I see several other handicap spots. I don’t think there was any real problem here.

  10. the truth says:

    Yeah I agree whether you like her cupcakes or not that’s not the point the point is she broke the law and parked in a handicap parking area and the rent a cop doesn’t have any authority over the law handicap parking is for disabled people at all times not when the cupcake taco truck isn’t using it. If the rent a cop said go park on the freeway sideways are you dumb enough to do it a little common sense goes a long ways and if it was used then it wouldn’t be news it doesn’t matter if you the president of the United states if you aren’t disabled and have evidence of it then you have no right or business parking there

  11. People dont know good cupcakes says:

    I really cant believe people still buy her cupcakes theyre not very good at all i like frost and old tyme pastry and a safeways cupcakes are okay; stull better than cupcake lady. Theyre tiny with like no frosting and theyre 2.50 wtf

  12. TRUTHBETOLD! says:

    THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES STATES: Blue–Parking is permitted only for a disabled person or a driver of a disabled person who displays a placard or a special license plate for disabled persons or disabled veterans. Disabled people with a placard or special plates may park in special areas for unlimited periods of time, regardless of time restrictions. No one other than a disabled person or a driver of a disabled person may park there. A crosshatched (diagonal lines) area adjacent to a designated disabled parking space is a no parking area. THOSE ARE THE LEGAL FACTS (CVC 22507.8)! If I ever see that FUGLY pink truck EVER parked in a blue zone, I will call the POLICE! Those FOOL’S driving that FUGLY van didn’t know its a “Minimum Fine $250” PER BLUE STALL!!! By the image, it looks like three blue stalls were VIOLATED!!!!! THESE FOOL’s STATE are passing the buck, and blaming it on security??? WTF??? WTF??? WTF?? and it aint fudge! The DAMN driver should know the DAMN CMV Laws!!! how in the hell did he obtain his license to drive??? from a box of cracker jacks?? I TOTALLY AGREE with ALL the comments on the quality / price point of those DRIED AZZ CUPCAKES! I guess they haven’t read that Crumbs Bake Shop is closing all 48 of its stores in the US following years of poor sales. Crumbs Bake Shop was the ORIGINAL GOURMET CUPCAKE MAKER! The cupcake fad could be fading away…….just like the bennie babies! I will not loose any sleep!………………

  13. Turlock PD officer says:

    Hey everyone, she has a handicapped tag in the window if you zoom in on the photo. By California law she can park up to two handicapped spaces with an oversized vehicle. She would not get a ticket cause she’s a registered handicapped driver and following the law.

  14. Brian Howard says:

    I would like to know why my previous comment wasn’t approved and posted?

  15. TurlockCityNews.com says:

    Brian Howard,

    There are no unapproved comments on this article.

    – TurlockCityNews.com

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