Traffic Advisory: Golden State Closed for Multiple Injury Accident

Brandon McMillan/

Golden State Boulevard is currently closed between Geer Road and Canal Drive due to a collision that has injured multiple parties.

Shortly before 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, emergency crews were called to the intersection of Golden State Boulevard and Geer Road on the report of a two-vehicle collision.

A speeding vehicle reportedly ran a red light and broadsided an SUV turning onto Golden State Boulevard.

Multiple injuries have been reported, and Turlock Fire Department crews are extracting the driver of the SUV.

Traffic in both directions of Golden State Boulevard between Canal Drive and Geer Road are being diverted from the area. will continue to update the progress of the incident.

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  1. Danny says:

    Not surprised. Turlock traffic is getting worse all the time.

  2. People need to learn how to drive says:

    I agree with Danny. Turlock traffic has become HORRIBLE. Drivers have become unnecessarily rushed and are making the stupidest traffic mistakes. Those minor mistakes are what causes these accidents people! Hope the people in this are okay.

  3. Turlock Traffic. says:

    In the past few months alone, I have almost gotten in an accident because people keep going on red lights. It would be my green light and i would start going and the other side (with a red light) would go. When it was busy too! Two days ago it was an empty intersection the other car went on a red when I passed. At least this one waited till I passed….

    It’s happened so often lately that I’m starting to wonder if the lighting system is going out of wack and both sides are turning green….but I doubt it. Just a bunch of selfish people more worried about getting home on time to watch the new episode of whatever. It’s Turlock people, stop being in such a hurry. You’ll get from point a to point b in five mins.

  4. Text Dummies says:

    Texting and driving is completely out of control here too. But I know, you’re good enough to do both at the same time. LOL. Saw one the other day texting and driving with the “baby on board” sign hanging from the back window. Classic.

  5. Crazy Drivers says:

    I noticed this has happened to me at the intersection of Hawkeye and Colorado. I’m stopped at a red light going east bound on Hawkeye. Then the light turns green. So I proceed to go. And here is a driver Hell Bound plows through the red light, I slam on my breaks with children 5 years and younger in the car. Then I see the driver face looking and laughing as they nearly hit my car. Too many young drivers think it’s a game. Just like not to long ago Turlock fire hydrants were a target and getting hit all around Turlock. Now, they’re running red lights. Something definetly needs to be done!!!

  6. truth says:

    Yeah everyone is in a hurry to get new phone or play with one while driving I’ve noticed where some drivers are on other drivers tail and think when that car crosses stop sign intersection that they can too because they are on their tail. Didn’t Turlock police department get a salary increase? Maybe they can pay a little more attention to traffic or just simply do their job but then again we got a new resident probally down at the Dmv getting his license he goes by mountain lion been here about month now

  7. truth says:

    Not everyone can read a stop sign and actually know the definition of it. We got to give them licenses though for tax purposes not road safety

  8. P.s texters s%&k says:

    In Mexico if nobody is coming you don’t need to stop. I think that has carried over to California.

  9. Big Picture says:

    Second time this week to see a red light runner… just watched someone in a red car come within a few feet of drilling a pizza delivery car that had a green turn arrow at the intersection by Walgreens and Crowell Elementary. The other was a car that came to a stop with the rest of us on Sunday morning, and then just drove on through the empty intersection. It does seem to be getting worse.

  10. I agree says:

    Some of these rude Turlock drivers are in wayyy to much of a hurry. Had a plumper with bleach blond hair and fake designer sunglasses on my tail on W. Main not too long ago. She rode my tail even though I was going a few above the speed limit and there were cars to my right so I couldn’t move over for her. She then decided to go around me and flip me the bird as she passed, though I had done absolutely nothing and was not impeding traffic or breaking any laws. I don’t get it. Was Turlock always a rude, uneducated place full of white trash murcans and illiterate foreigners who think their poop don’t stink? That’s what the majority of accidents are caused by, driver arrogance, and this town in full of it. Maybe crashing and injuring oneself or killing someone else in a wreck and doing some time for it, will serve as a piece of humble pie.

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