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Suspect Arrested in Parked Stolen Vehicle


A suspect was arrested on Saturday morning after Turlock police located him in a stolen vehicle.

Andrew Onate, 33, was arrested for possession of stolen property and possession of burglary tools.

Officers located the suspect in a parked vehicle on the 200 block of South Walnut Road at approximately 9 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The vehicle was an unreported stolen vehicle, said Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb.

Officers later found that the vehicle was allegedly stolen and found that Onate was allegedly in possession of burglary tools.

Webb was unable to provide why officers contacted Onate, but said they “may have seen something suspicious.”

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  1. Really says:

    I a pretty sure you should have signed john dope.
    Good job T.P.D!!!

  2. to john doe says:

    groin ferrets in your mouth pal

  3. truth says:

    Why do they always say suspect.why don’t they say tweeker or meth head it’s like at this time he’s a suspect even though they found him in the stolen car oh perhaps somebody drugged him and put him in it with burglary tools right

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