Around Turlock- October 17

Jonathan McCorkell/

An ironic picture of “prosperity” and poverty in Downtown Turlock’s Central Park. The statue of Turlock’s founder, John Mitchell, proudly standing above “prosperity,” while a small group of homeless sit in a small circle with their entire belongings in a shopping cart.

Many long time Turlockers, and those who are fairly new to the community, are often struck by the visible numbers of homeless in a city of just 70,000.

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  1. sharon says:
    Its sad to see the homeless with no where to go but its even more sad to read how the city is gettn $500k grants for new police cars etc....but wont do the the same to open a shelter so the homeless have some where to go instead of being made a nuisance they are still human beings nobody knows what they have gone thru I
    m sure they didnt wake up one day and say i want to be hom eless when i grow up life can show up in anyones life and take a turn for the worse this can happen to you as well as myself dont be so quick to judge
  2. B. says:
    There is a homeless shelter on east avenue. They give them a place to sleep and feed them, then set them loose on the town during the day to panhandle or do whatever it is they do. Sharon you're right, nobody wakes up one day and says i want to be homeless, you're wrong about your claim that it could happen to anyone. Anybody thats willing to work would never be on the streets like that. They refuse to work, insisting on begging for money, so they can catch their next high. Its amazing how many homeless roam the streets for such a small town.
  3. Oh gawd says:
    So sick of people defending the homeless. They are not good people! They commit crimes then blame society. Hey, guess what? Hobos don't get to use their poverty as an excuse to sexually abuse teenagers on the street or shoplift trojan vibrators from Rite Aid. The homeless hang around this town because there are TOO MANY easy free programs, not because there aren't enough. If the churches and welfare programs would stop enabling these people, they'd either move along or get jobs, get off the streets and stop doing drugs and committing crimes. I am ecstatic that we will be moving out of the area in a few months and will not have to deal with the mooching, sad sack, poor me homeless crowd that plagues this city anymore!

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