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Former Owner of Oakdale Jura’s Arrested for Sexual Assault; Turlock Owner Corrects Media Reports

Courtesy of the Oakdale Police Department.

The former owner of the Jura’s Pizza Parlor in Oakdale, which closed its doors last month, was arrested on Monday for an alleged sexual assault of an employee of the Oakdale location.

Jura Aghassi, 59, was arrested for forced oral copulation, sexual battery, and rape with a foreign object, reports the Oakdale Police Department. He was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail and is being held on $200,000 bail.

The alleged sexual assault occurred on Sept. 13 at the Oakdale business, during business hours, according to Oakdale police spokesperson Officer Aaron Beatty.

The female victim reported the alleged assault the following day.

Aghassi opened the Oakdale location in April of this year, before it closed in September, approximately a week after the alleged assault.

During the last month, the Oakdale Police Department has been investigating the alleged assault, with the assistance of the Ceres Police Department High Tech Crime unit to search a cell phone that was seized, said Beatty.

The Oakdale Police Department reports that enough evidence had been collected during the investigation to make the arrest.

Aghassi was arrested at approximately 1:50 p.m. on Monday at the Jura’s location in Turlock, said Beatty, where he is an employee.
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Despite numerous reports naming Aghassi as the owner of the Jura’s location in Turlock, he is not. Aghassi’s sister, Pap, is the sole owner of the Turlock pizza parlor.

Aghassi’s family is continuing to support him as he faces the allegations.

“We do support our brother,” said Pap.

Jura’s, which is named after Aghassi, opened in 1979 by Aghassi’s parents. Due to popularity, the business moved to its current location at 309 N. Center St. in Turlock.

Aghassi opened the Oakdale location in April of this year, before closing its doors in September because of lack of business.

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  1. Circling the wagons says:

    Got all their ducks in a row I see!

  2. M.R. says:

    Finally, he gets what he deserves. I feel bad for any girl that has kept quiet bc this prevent can’t keep to himself. I also, hope more girls come forward and I’m surprised it’s took this long for someone to put a stop to Jura!!!!

  3. TRUTHBETOLD! says:


  4. Gewargis Narso says:

    There is something abnormal and strange about this story and the way its put together; This man Jura opens a branch in Oakdale in April of 2014 closes it few months later and all the meanwhile there surface allegation of Oral & forced sex, Deadly instrument, police investigation, cell phone records, arrest and bail without any prompt witnesses either be it other employees or customers.
    Could it be another one of those falsely accused employer by a disgruntled employee seeking to earn money? Sex scammer perhaps? After all, shouldn’t have been a witness to all of this somewhere?

  5. MR. GROIN FERRET says:


  6. wingboy says:

    I want some wings now

  7. Offended Feminist says:

    I’ve had an interaction with this guy down at his local pizza joint. He was always offering to give me an extra “Breadstick” with some “secret sauce” that he claimed was his speciality. I took it for kindness but now i get it. The only sauce I want is from my loved ones…

  8. Carl says:

    I don’t know the first thing about this man or his family. However, until he is convicted he should not be BBQed in the media. If we do it actually hurts the Prosecutions case, and what we all really want is for the truth to come out. Did he or did he not do this. Lastly, just because your related to someone should not automatically make you a bad or evil person. What happened to Judging someone by the content of their character and actions?

  9. pizzaforme says:

    Damn, all this talk about juras is making me hungry, I’m going to have to go down there and get some pizza and wings

  10. Pizza Lover says:

    This is all a sham to get money. Happens all time. This guy didn’t do anything.

  11. Loyal customer says:

    I have known this man my whole life and he has never ever done anything or said anything inappropriate to me. Not trying to say that this female is lying but it is very sad to see so many people bashing him without any proof. Remember that in this society everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So let the man have his day in court to see what he does and does not deserve. I will always and forever support Juras Pizza and there family.

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