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Monte Vista Vet Collecting Food for Needy Dogs and Cats

Courtesy of Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital

Throughout October, Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital (Monte Vista Vet) is asking the animal-loving community of Turlock to donate food for needy dogs and cats through the Trick-or-Treat Charity Pet Food Drive.

Often times dogs and cats are the first to suffer when an owner of family are less fortunate and Monte Vista Vet wants to help those animals and their families. All donations will be benefit the pets of guests at the Turlock Gospel Mission and United Samaritans.

“These pets are an important part in these homeless people’s lives. Sometimes they are all they have to love them unconditionally,” said Monte Vista Vet Owner Dr. Rob Santos.

As a thank you for your donation, Monte Vista Vet will give free coupons for a free nail trim for your dog or cat. The coupon expires Nov. 30.

People can donate food items at Monte Vista Vet, located at 901 E. Monte Vista Ave. For more information call 209-634-0023. 

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  1. No more Santos says:

    First Santos writes a ridiculous opinion about our state’s water policy, next I find out he is putting $$ behind this toxic website, we’re done with MVSAH

  2. Loves TCN says:

    Grow up there is nothing toxic about this news page and I can guess that losing you as a customer won’t hurt Santos’ business. If you don’t like this page don’t read it, easy choice but let the people that like it enjoy it without your peanut gallery comments.

  3. Mellisa N says:

    I agree. You shouldn’t go to Dr Santos if he advertises with TCN. Also don’t vote for Denham because he spends his $$$ here. Don’t vote for Soiseth (who is clearly winning this race) because he chose to put his adv $$$ on TCN. And clearly you don’t see that Dr Santos has this areas water in the best interest for TID. And if you think this website is toxic, why are you reading it. Admit it. You read TCN for information. Where else are you going to get current information about Turlock? GO TCN!!!!!

  4. guest says:

    Where do you get Gary is clearly winning if that’s you DJ post the results of your poll.

  5. TID employee says:

    As a TID employee, I have lost my admiration and respect for Dr. Rob Santos, his antics, conduct and behavior are unbecoming as a board of director for TID! Hint Dr. Santos when your standing in a line, in a public place, and you are running your mouth about TID employee’s, one(TID employee) might be standing behind you and hear what you have to say!

  6. Dear TID a Employee says:

    Quite whining about another raise. You guys make way too much money for the little work you do. When the linemen damaged a power line on purpose to create a crisis. And then all the linemen went on vacation at the same time and could not fix the power to my house for days. Give me a break. They should work like I do every day with out an enormous salary like you guys.

  7. Twisted guilt? says:

    I don’t understand the last comment? Who said anything about a raise? Vacations? Or pulling out a ruler to measure who does more, or has more of something?

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