Pedestrian Hit, Injured Crossing Street

A pedestrian was hit and injured by a vehicle on Lander Avenue while they were crossing the street on Sunday night.

The Turlock Police Department responded to the 500 block of Lander Avenue, near Angelus Street, around 9:45 p.m. on the report of an accident.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb, the victim was walking in the crosswalk when they were struck by the vehicle.

The cause of the collision is still unknown at the time of this writing.

The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to an area hospital, said Webb.

No other injuries have been reported at this time.

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  1. Tired of this nonsense says:
    Drivers are so rude and careless. This morning I was on Bonita waiting to make a right turn on to Olive. A man in his wheelchair was in the crosswalk with his dog on a leash and at least a dozen cars drove by without stopping for him. I rolled down my window when I stopped for him and asked w.t.f. His response was it happens every day. We need old Billy Kimble back on the bike giving tickets out to these morons.
  2. Eli says:
    The lighting along Lander is poor and there is allot of homeless people by Salvation Army .After I almost hit a couple I use high beams and I wonder if there are people trying to get hit by wearing black and walking slow.
    Seriously Turlock drivers, wtf is wrong with you this past year?
  4. Guest## says:
    Excuse me but if you've ever driven on lander you'd know that it is nearly impossible to NOT hit someone at night. The lighting is horrid and the crosswalks don't have flashing lights, which they should. Get it together Turlock
  5. Mike says:
    I actually know the victim. Her name is Adriana Rosales. Nice article not even knowing any names as to who was injured and who were the driver? What happened with the driver? Any consequences? Garbage drivers these days
  6. Turlocker says:
    Lighting are you kidding this is the poor side of town we are lucky to even have sidewalks let alone crosswalks I doubt they will put in decent lighting. Not enough donating voters live in the area for the city to give a crap.
  7. STOP! says:
    If you're driving in an area that has bad lighting... or you know what, if you're driving at night period, slow down. You might make it home two minutes late, but DVR The Voice or whatever is urgent enough that you have to speed in this tiny town and Turlock will be safer.
  8. Geer Road says:
    There's a spot on Geer Road that has bad lighting too. Lo and behold, it's in the poor section. There have been several occasions someone is crossing and I haven't seen them until very close. To be fair, there is no crosswalk on Geer where the lighting is bad where these people are crossing. Still, city employees shouldn't be getting raises when services that we are being taxed for are not being rendered.
  9. truth says:
    If you can't drive within city limits without hitting a pedestrian and one in a crosswalk then you need to go hand in your driver's license at the dmv I seen a man get fatally hit in broad daylight on Olive by canal and it isn't about poor lighting our cars have headlights but how many eyes wander while driving
  10. Billy says:
    you're more likely to die at a cross walk in Turlock than from Ebola
  11. Turlocker says:
    Had to walk to the auto parts store on Friday almost got hit by a Turlock police officer. he was heading north lucky for me I was paying attention.
  12. Tired of the nonsense says:
    Would the city please repair the streetlight at 3701 Crowell Road in front of the apartments at the crosswalk to the Cal State campus.
    And add some hash marks in the cross walks like the City of Modesto has so they are more visible before someones child gets struck and killed.

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