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Thief Makes $1,400 Worth of Purchases With Stolen Credit Cards

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

A suspected wallet thief is facing charges of grand theft, among others, after allegedly making more than $1,400 in charges on stolen credit cards.

Deanna West, 44, was arrested and booked for grand theft, commercial burglary, petty theft, petty theft with a prior conviction, and possession of stolen property.

Turlock police served a search warrant to a residence on the 5400 block of 10th Street in Keyes on Oct. 23 after identifying the suspect of a wallet theft earlier this month.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis, a suspect, later identified as West, allegedly stole a wallet from a shopping cart at Safeway on Oct. 1.

West then allegedly used the victim’s credit cards to purchase more than $1,400 worth the merchandise from other stores, said Lewis.

The Turlock Police Department was able to obtain video surveillance footage and West was identified as the suspect by a Stanislaus County Probation officer, said Lewis.

Authorities served a search warrant to the residence on the 5400 block of 10th Street in Keyes, where they located West and the allegedly stolen property, said Lewis.

West was arrested and the stolen property was recovered, said Lewis.

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  2. OMG!! says:

    She looks 64, don’t do drugs!!!

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  4. Jill says:

    Hahaahaha your ass got caught!!!!! Heres an idea Deanna…..go get a job and earn your own $$ instead of trying to steal someone else’s hard earned money. Looser!!!

  5. Y'ain't got no teefs says:

    Should have spent that 1400 on a set of dentures honey. Even with your mouth closed we can all see you ain’t got no teeth left!

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