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Turlock Woman Gets Fined by City for Halloween Decorations

Contributed by Sherry Mailloux

Sherry Mailloux’s house, located in the 400 block of Piccadilly Lane in Turlock, has been a destination for many trick-or-treaters and the ogling eyes of parents for the past five years. Her elaborate “haunted house” is visited by hundreds, if not thousands of youth throughout the month of October, but this year she got slapped with a $100 fine from the City of Turlock.

According to Mailloux, an unknown man complained to the City, which caused an officer with the City of Turlock’s Neighborhood Services to come out to her house and issue her a $100 fine for “structure obstructs sidewalk.”

Understandably, Sherry was peeved — not so much at the city — but at whoever decided to complain about her Halloween haunted house.

“Look, we were all kids once and this is something fun for kids to do here, and lets face it there isn’t a lot to do for kids in Turlock,” she said. “I don’t understand how some gentleman can just decide he doesn’t like Halloween. It’s not fair to cause a fuss over this, it’s like me saying I don’t want a parade and the city didn’t have one and cancelled it because of just me.”

City of Turlock municipal code dictates nothing can block a sidewalk in any way, but Sherry says the sidewalk is not blocked. “If you see there is a clear walkway and there isn’t even any webbing touching the ground,” she said.

Sherry said she is planning on just paying the $100 fine, because she believes that her haunted house brings joy, or frights, to many children and it’s not worth the trouble to fight it.

In the past five years, she says she has never had a single complaint about her house and that it takes at least 16 hours of work to create what is easily one of the best Halloween-decorated houses in Turlock.

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  1. Ba humbug says:

    Wow, way to go Turlock. Has Fox 40 showed up yet do a story showing what a fun killing city this is.
    Do you have a new neighbor on the block? Maybe a holiday hating J.W?

  2. No Halloween spirit. says:

    I love her decorating! My kids love driving by and seeing all the decorations around that area. It’s a shame one person has to try and ruin the fun for everyone. 🙁

  3. LOL old man problems says:

    People need to stop being so horrible and the city needs to stop indulging them

  4. Richard desilva says:

    May I suggest paying the fine in pennies

  5. Jill says:

    Some people simply hate Halloween so they try their best to ruin it for others. This should not have even been an issue. According to the picture there is no sidewalk obstructions. Why was she even fined? Just a reason for the city to make $$ off of someone doing good. Wow this story disappointing and annoying. I hope Karma reacts quickly on this one!

  6. ex-Turlocker says:

    Par for the course for Turlock. Someone does something cool and creative and someone else needs to squash the effort. Good thing the Scrooge doesn’t live on Christmas Tree Lane.

  7. the truth says:

    I think what she did is awesome but it isn’t at her home it is on a public sidewalk and if not dealt with then other people will start doing things like this. I think she could’ve received a warning instead of a 100 dollar fine. Another thing though is your responsible for watering and maintenance for trees and strip of grass between sidewalk and street but yet you can’t decorate it? How can the city fine you on something they don’t maintain? Oh wait thats Turlock for you. More yardsale cops checking to see if you got permit to sell a couple items in your front yard then cops doing what they should

  8. Kevin says:
  9. Kevin says:

    Bet u this man who complained does’ nt have pumpkins on his porch or his light on. What a joy 2 c all the children dressed up & having a good time in a safe city . Bet he hates Christmass 2.

  10. don says:


  11. DM says:

    Funny how we can fine someone for attempting to entertain our kids but we don’t fine the delinquents for taking over every city park with drugs.

  12. Coulda Been Me says:

    I’m glad to see the city finally did something about the ridiculous mess covering a public sidewalk. No one is telling you to stop doing the haunted house or decorating your house and yard.

  13. elaine kohler says:

    good grief…. a halloween scrooge! I don’t see anything blocking the street.

  14. Brenda says:

    To the person that did it. I think that we should do decorate your house and then call the city on you so you can get fined. To all the people that decorated your houses thank you from our kids they love it. I also think that we should help the lady that got fined from the city help her pay her fine, she is a good person and don’t deserve a fine she deserves a first place ribbon showing her spirit.

  15. pm says:

    Why doesn’t the city clamp down on drivers endangering our kids in school zones and crosswalks instead of this ridiculous petty complaint!? One kid was hit last week near Pitman and yesterday my daughter was almost hit!

  16. Scrouge says:

    Why does’t the city fine the guy that blocks the public sidewalk on Georgetown with his truck and trailer or the basketball hoops in the street?

  17. Turlocker says:

    What about the homeless people that dump their shopping carts full of crap on the city sidewalks…will they be receiving a $100 fine as well?

  18. This Stupidity From Turlock Expected says:

    I sure do hate those useless neighborhood services morons. They have threatened to fine us before for “blocking the alley” when nothing blocked the alley at all. They’re just looking for funds and to make themselves relevant. I don’t believe anyone complained. They have also tried to tell me our business property was public land and I have to allow people to park in unused spaces even if they are visiting other businesses. Maybe if Turlock didn’t hire such Podunk hay chewers for city jobs the stupidity would end. Ya think?

  19. Darrell says:

    This is FREE SPEECH and is PROTECTED UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT. People can use the sidewalk. The (*edited by tcn) of Turlock must show a compelling government interest it’s protecting.

    Let’s hope you teach a Civics lesson to everyone.

  20. At Law says:

    This is FREE SPEECH and is PROTECTED UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT. People can use the sidewalk. The City of Turlock must show a compelling government interest it’s protecting. You can’t lose. Be sure to use the terminology above.

  21. me says:

    It’s curious that they, off the bat, resorted to fine her first. That’s apparently the City of Turlock’s way. More in line with reason would have been to come out and speak to her and ask her to take it down, a warning first. THEN a fine if she caused a problem. However, I didn’t see that the sidewalk was blocked, unless it’s too low. However, trees hang lower than that sometimes. Would have been a cool Christmas idea, winter wonderland sort of effect. Citizerns need to make it clear what they expect from their city services and city servants. Else, the outcome will be totalitarianism just like we see coming from statists in Sacramento and DC.

    Also, what’s up with what I feel amounts to bureaucratic theft to have a yard sale? It was $20.00 last I heard. Some sad little yard sales never amount to $20. Just what business do they have taxing us on OUR stuff AND telling us how many days A YEAR we can have one? It’s not their business. Other cities, even in our own area, don’t have this. It’s not their stuff. I hear the excuse is that they have to do all of the paperwork, etc., and this is to cover administrative costs and pay little people to run around looking for trouble, making sure permits are posted, eliminating blight. NO, that’s not what needs to be done. Leave people alone. I have to wonder if this city is trying to affect people’s ability to prosper and provide for themselves, stripping people of their freedoms and the revenue from selling their used stuff. Perhaps very in the tank for Agenda 21 (you all had better look that one up) and a Plan Bay Area type of totallitarianism. If a neighborhood is concerned about someone having a continous yard sale, weeks and months long, THEN THEY CAN CALL the city and speak to them about it, perhaps after asking the person with the yard sale to clean it up a bit, that is, if they are not dangerous and are reasonable people. That’s the correct way to handle it. Another issue people of the city need to deal with. Government does not earn a thing. They do nothing for the money they take from us. They vote themselves raises, make large wages, unionize to protect their pensions. They do not create anything except what they take from the citizens.

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