Driver Arrested for Hit and Run on West Main

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

The Turlock Police Department reports that they have arrested the driver suspected of hitting three children and their babysitter while they were crossing the road on Tuesday night.

Jose Valdivia, 66, was arrested for felony hit and run, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

According to the Turlock Police Department, Valdivia was unlicensed. 

Valdivia was allegedly traveling westbound in a white Honda on West Main Street when he struck three children and their 17-year-old babysitter as they were crossing the street.

The babysitter suffered serious injuries, but they appear to be non-life-threatening, according to authorities. She was transported to an area hospital following the collision.

One child suffered minor injuries to their mouth, but the other two were uninjured.

Following the collision, the driver fled the scene, but was chased down by a witness. Valdivia was ultimately apprehended by officers on Soderquist Road, near Park Street.

The good samaritan that followed Valdivia, Michael Alexander, said the driver backed up and drove away after the collision.

"Then I saw him back up like he was going to leave," said Alexander. "He almost ran the woman over while he backed up."

Alexander then jumped in his truck and chased the suspect around the block, eventually stopping the vehicle near the Turlock Memorial Park.

“He acted like he didn’t understand what had happened,” said Alexander adding that the suspect’s wife was yelling at him while he pointed at the vehicle’s broken windshield.

If you were a witness to this collision or have any information, please call, Officer Greg Roton at 209-668-5550 ext. 6743.

Video courtesy of Central Valley TV


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  1. the truth says:
    No license probably no green card he gets a free ride back home to Mexico and we oay the price this isn't news just another day in the US
  2. aTurlock Native says:
    We should show him what its like and run his @$$ over and when he heals do it again once for every person he hurt and then leave him there and hopefully someone might help him. If not oh well deal with it your self scum bag.
  3. Double standard says:
    If you're Mexican, illiterate, and can't afford kids, come to America! We pay for everything and give you a license! A que linda!
    • Sissy says:
      What this man did was wrong! But for you to stereotype every Mexican that way?! Sounds racist! Turlock and all it's surrounding farms, crops and dairy's everyone needs. Who do you think works in the fields most of the time? Work 24/7 T the dairy's? Of course the owners but who with them? Why don't you stop and one day just ask a farmer or dairy owner how essential his workers are? How essential is your milk or fruits, vegetables and meat? There is bad in every race but you Uncle Tom's and cronies are a joke! Talk about double staSavagesndard! Que Linda.
  4. Welcome to Cali says:
    Why is it always a mexican usually an unlicensed one that is running over children in this town then fleeing the scene? Is it because mexico has a culture of not caring about others lives? every single hit and run story out of the area in the last year has been of a mexican driver. If they want to come here they need to assimilate into polite society. They shouldn't receive any welfare and should have to prove english reading skills and driving ability. We were hit by a Mexican man who also tried to flee but my brother chased him down with a camera so he was forced to return to the scene. Turns out he had no license and wasn't on the car owners insurance. They then lied to their ins company and said the passenger had been driving. I witnessed an accident a few months later where a Mexican man rear ended another car and fled the scene. Motorists chased him and he came back but had jumped in the passenger seat pretending to not be the driver because he was also not licensed. These savages need to either start acting civilized or leave. Like the guy said, something needs to be done.

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