Around Turlock – November 20

Brandon McMillan/

When parking your vehicle outside your home or a local business, it’s always important to make sure to lock all doors and not leave valuables in plain sight.

A sign posted outside of In-Shape City reminds the public that the business is not responsible for any damage or theft done to a vehicle in the parking lot.

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  1. Tweakers says:

    Place is loaded with tweakers

  2. JC BrewCrew says:

    Pictures of signs? Is this the best photojournalism we can come up with? Local signs are more intriguing than Turlock City News?
    Alas, I do admit chuckling when I see Turlock Journal and Ceres Courier on the same door, and the image of Dennis Wyatt (Manteca Bulletin Executive Editor) on the Journal opinion page. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  3. TCN is the best says:

    TJ is funded by Chamber which is funded by the City of Turlock. I don’t like their slanted journalism.

  4. I see now says:

    So the City of Turlock gives the Turkock Chamber of Commerce to give to illegal political campaigns like the Measure B road tax and Mike Brem for Mayor and to the Turlock Journal so there are no stories on the illegal campaigns? This all makes sense now. But why did the Chamber, City of Turlock, city manager, city attorney, mayor lazar and councilman Nascimento back all the campaigns that last? Is there a revelation in Turlock?

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