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Family Displaced After Garage Fire on Joett

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

A family is being displaced after a fire in a residential garage on Joett Drive on Saturday night caused wire damage.

The Turlock Fire Department responded and was able to contain the fire, which was isolated to the garage.

The fire was first reported by a neighbor who had seen smoke coming from the garage of a home on the 1800 block of Joett Drive, said Turlock Fire Battalion Chief Bill Becker.

An occupant was home at the time of the fire and the neighbor who had seen the smoke notified the occupant, said Becker.

The two threw some water on the fire and called 911, said Becker.

According to Becker, the early notification of the fire was key to early containment.

Turlock fire crews responded with three fire engines and a battalion chief to find lots of smoke coming from the garage, but the fire was contained.

There were many combustibles in the garage, according to Becker, but the fire remained contained to the garage.

However, the fire did cause wiring damage inside the garage and the Turlock Irrigation District had to seal the meter and cut power to the home, said Becker.

American Medical Response also responded, but there were no injuries.

The Red Cross was helping as many six adults who were displaced by the fire, said Becker.

At this time, the cause is unknown, but the fire appears to be accidental.

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  1. Thank you says:

    Thank you Turlock Fire Department for containing this to the garage.
    You should also thank the Building Inspector that inspected the fire walls when this house was built to insure that the gypsum board was installed properly which ultimately contained the fire to the garage.
    This Building Department took a beating under the leadership of Mayor Lazar’s politics and is in a pathetic state under it’s current lack of leadership.
    It is in the state it is, not because of the employees, but zero leadership at the top.
    It only serves the good ole boys, but what else is new in this town.

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