Mayor-elect Soiseth Visited Crowell Elementary to Welcome New Student Councilmembers, Encouraged Involvement in School and Community

Jonathan McCorkell/

Turlock Mayor-elect Gary Soiseth welcomed in a host of new student councilmembers at Crowell Elementary School on Friday.

“I’m always excited to promote civic engagement at any age,” said Soiseth, who encouraged the kids to be involved in their school and community.

Soiseth says he started his blossoming political career as a fifth-grader at Julien Elementary as a “judge,” similar to a student resolution counselor under the guidance of now Cunningham Elementary Principal Tami Truax.

Crowell sixth-grade teachers Scott Cortez and April Welch invited Soiseth to the assembly.

“He is my wife’s cousin so I figured we could use him,” joked Cortez. “We were happy he came to motivate and build excitement with the students about student government. We want to our students to say ‘look what we did’ and be proud of Crowell again.”

As any good politician would do, Soiseth also fielded questions from reporters at the student paper, the Crowell Chronicles. 

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