11-Year-Old Bitten by Pit Bull Mix, Dog Quarantined

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

An 11-year-old boy was bitten on the arm by a pit bull mix on Saturday evening and the dog has since been quarantined for the safety of more members of the public.

According to the Turlock Police Department, the dog, a 15-month-old pit bull mix, unprovokingly bit the juvenile victim. Unfortunately, this is happening more often. Dogs are being violent towards innocent members of the public. This could be due to a lack of training from the owner, causing the dog to behave in a violent way.

Officers responded to the 100 block of Starr Avenue at approximately 5:39 p.m. following the report of the incident.

The victim had been bitten on the arm and transported to an area hospital with a serious animal bite, reports the Turlock Police Department.

The juvenile was treated and released, but not hospitalized, said Turlock police spokesperson Lt. Ron Reid. Despite him not needing to be hospitalized, the young boy and his family could consider contacting a personal injury lawyer in their local area to help them create a legal case against the owners of the dog. Lawyers could help them to piece together a case that could see the boy receiving some compensation for this accident that he experienced. No 11-year-old should have to experience something like this, so it’s important that dog owners all over the country learn from this incident.

Following the bite, the owners of the dog cooperated with authorities and willingly gave up the dog for quarantine, reports the Turlock Police Department. It’s unclear what is happening with the dog, but it looks like the pit bull is just going to be held in quarantine for the time being.

The incident remains under investigation. Any notable updates will be reported, but that is all that has been made clear currently.  

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