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Traffic Advisory: Christoffersen, Walnut Blocked for Collision

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

Members of the Turlock Police and Fire departments have a portion of Christoffersen Parkway and Walnut Road blocked due to a collision at the intersection.

A vehicle appears to have collided with a traffic signal in the intersection.

Westbound Christoffersen Parkway traffic is being diverted either north or south on Walnut Road.

Southbound Walnut Road is blocked between Shady Lane and Christoffersen Parkway, while northbound Walnut Road traffic is diverted onto east Christoffersen Parkway.

The cause of the collision is unknown at this time and it is unknown if there are any injuries.

TurlockCityNews.com reminds citizens to stay safe and aware during the holidays.

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  1. Make good decisions with tax payer $$ Mr. Engineer. says:

    The City once again proposes to repave Hawkeye between Andre and North Olive . This is great but Hawkeye between Andre and Donnely Drive is not that bad. So why don’t you use the money that would be spent on this section somewhere else in town?

  2. Joe B. says:

    The section of road you describe is the WORST section of heavily traveled road in the city. Repairing this segment should be the to priority. Second priority should be the segment or Hawkeye between Berkeley and Daubenberger.

  3. ?? says:

    I disagree, there are worse areas than the section between Andre and Donnely Park Drive.

  4. Economics says:

    Its far cheaper to repair these roads now than trying to repair them when they really deteriorate. Everyone who complained and then voted against the road tax needs to take note.

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